Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Diego week~

It's HERE!!! HEEEERRRREEE!!!  The San Diego Comic con! It will run tomorrow (preview night) through July 15th.
BEFORE I go into my schedule-- I have to let you know that I will announce my newest cosplay outfit tomorrow on a NEW No Elfin Way (twitter: @NoElfinWay)  http://www.facebook.com/noelfinway?ref=ts
with Deneen Melody! Michael Flores and Miss Maggie helped me with a photo shoot so after the show I'll post my first pics of the new outfit!!!
I will be at the convention Thursday afternoon through Sunday.  Thursday I will be driving into San Diego so I don't have a definite time but make sure to stop by the World Famous Comic booth at 3pm.

*I know how big the convention is so you can expect another map. 

I will be joining artist Justin Chung http://www.facebook.com/justinchungprofile who will have the completed pin up of me that he teased at the Phoenix Comicon this year.  The completed art is drawn by Justin and the colors-- by Brian Miller of Hi Fi colour http://www.facebook.com/HiFiColourDesign.  Also there will be models Dana Braziel-Solovyhttp://www.facebook.com/DanaBraziel

and the beautiful Jettie Monday http://www.facebook.com/Jettiecosplay.

After that I plan on visiting the talented Erik Arrega at table E-12.
*told ya I'd have another map
Where you can get his 'Last Supper' (end of the world edition) print-- 

That's my Thursday--  I'll be updating throughout the week---

Saturday will be my newest cosplay as well as interviews for Comicbooked.com!  I'll be joined by Crimson Blur for somne video epicness!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July and San Diego Comic Con!

It's only a few days until the San Diego Comic Con and I have so much that I'm almost ready! I have my pass waiting, places to crash and-- thanks to the incredible Amanda Tucker, costumes ready.  Speaking of cosplay---
I have a new one -- and guess what!  I am going to announce my outfit this Wednesday on a brand new No Elfin Way.  http://www.facebook.com/noelfinway
Wanna know what else? I am now co-hosting the show with Deneen Melody!!!  We will cover pop culture, movies, fantasy, gaming, anime, cosplay and more!!!!!
I will be there Thursday afternoon through Sunday.  FOR SURE!!
This week--- I recorded a new 'No Elfin Way',
 filmed a promo for the Saboten Con:

recorded a new 'Men With No Lives' and finished my costumes for the San Diego Comic Con!!
On Tuesday I am going to do a photo shoot in the costume that I'll be announcing and Thursday I am leaving for SDCC~~~
I will be taking pictures, video, getting sketches and doing all that I can to bring you content.  I will be posting both here and on Comicbooked.com so make sure to watch for the links on my FB: http://www.facebook.com/victoriapaege
Believe me-- I will be posting a ton more pics during the con.  I have been lacking on my pics so I will be stepping it up ^_^

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

so much

going on~
I last posted after the Phoenix Comicon.  Since then, I have added to my resume...by filming in a new movie called 'Salvation.'  I auditioned for the role, got the part and was in Kansas filming before I knew it.  I got to work with some amazingly talented people while I was there and am SO excited to bring to you a new character.
I can't say anything about the movie other than what is on the IMDB, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1457764/combined but it is a drama and I play Ruthie, a troubled young girl.  My role is small, yet important and I am proud to have been able to work opposite great actors such as Angel McCord, Brett Donowho, Ryan Donowho, Renee Albert and under the direction of Bernie Van De Yacht.

The crew was also a blast to work with.  I have to throw in that Angel is the sweetest chick I've worked with in a long time.  I can't wait to work with her again.  I was only there for 6 days so I didn't have nearly enough time to get sick of it.  My mom, step-dad and brothers happened to be on a road trip-- driving across country, and they stopped by set to say hi.  My Momma got to visit me on set for the first time ^_^  I was so proud to have her show up.
On my days off I went to Wichita and hung out with a family that MY family has been friends with for years.  I swam, ate, drank, hung out with my brothers--  it was fantastic.
Snacks and beer-ritas with the family--

There was very little service there so I wasn't able to text, post on Facebook or even tweet what was going on during the week.  It's ok though because Kansas can be summed up in one word.

I had so much fun though ^_^   Also- the hotel I stayed in had astronauts hanging from the ceiling.

Up next---  

The Kickstarter for the Break The Walls Book, comic stories inspired by the Pixies, is up to almost 6k now.  ^_^  This means, a shirt with my likeness right on the front and alternate covers!! The alternates are pretty bad ass http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/756324374/break-the-walls-comic-stories-inspired-by-the-pixi   You can only get this book for the next 2 weeks.  Once the San Diego Comic con hits--- the deal is OVER.
I have some auditions coming up that I will let you all know about as SOON as I find out more.  I WILL be going to the San Diego Comic con July 12-16th!!!  I will be signing the Break the Walls cover and on Saturday, I'll be running around getting interviews, filmed by Comicbooked.com's own Crimson Blur.  I have a brand new cosplay outfit to unveil at this years SDCC too!! I love her and can't WAIT to strut around in the outfit.
I'm also going to be filming in a teaser for the Saboten con next week! I'll be dressed up for this too! ^_^
The Next month is going to be a blast! Again!!
Stick around for more pics and updates.  I'll be posting a TON in July!
Don't forget-- if you want a print- the post goes over how to order!!!!
Talk to you soon whack-a-doos!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012

Let's just start back up with May.
I found out in April that a photo shoot project I'd worked on last year with photographer Aaron Flores and actors Kevin Tye and Richard Anderson had a few shots chosen to display in a gallery all through May.  I went to the gallery opening on the 2nd and got to see the finished pieces for the first time.
I am doing some photo shoots before the Phoenix Comicon- which is May 24-27th.  I will not have a table this year but will have a few exclusives and will be signing at different tables throughout the con.

This Saturday- May 12th, at noon I will be making a short appearance at PCP for their re-grand opening and 10 year anniversary! There will be artists, hot cosplay ladies, authors and give aways.
PCP Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/340552532667872/
Then, at night, I am going to be walking in the Madame Trapeze fashion show in Phoenix.  The show will have SWORD eating, ballerinas, belly dancing, spiked snowcones and a plethora of fashion designers.  Join me and the ladies as we walk in a circus steam-punk fashion show.  All designs done by the lovely Amanda Tucker of Modified Minds.  http://www.facebook.com/events/425046980858246/
Next up-- The Phoenix Comicon!!!
My schedule is crazy and I don't have ALL times locked down yet but here is where you can find me:
Thursday- may 24th
10PM- Hyatt Regency- Phoenix Ballroom 'If It Kills You'  -- a short film I am where I play 'Dezi', a street girls that believes she's aquired superpowers.
Stay because immediately after is
'A Man Called Nereus'in which I play a Mayan Princess

Friday- May 25th
Interviewing for comicbooked.com!
1 hour- signing at the Hi-Fi design Booth
1 Hour signing my exclusive Legend of Oz #4 comic cover at the Big Dog Ink booth
3pm- 'A Man Called Nereus' panel
11PM- 'A Life Of Science' concert!

Saturday- May 26th
Interviewing for comicbooked.com!
1 hour signing with Hi-Fi color
12-1pm Episodes 1-8 of Western X -- Russel Room
1 hour signing with Big Dog Ink
430-530 Western X panel and episodes 9 and 10!!!!!-- Russel Room
530-7   walking in the Steampunk fashion show- Room 224
8pm- I am a commentator at the Kids Need to Read Geek Prom!!!

Sunday May 27th
Last day of interviews for comicbooked.com
1 hour with Hi Fi Color
1 hour with Big Dog Ink
1:30-2:30-- Film awards at the Hyatt Regency

I will be dressing up EVERY day! I want lots of pictures with you guys so find me! When I have the table numbers I will post them as well.
Also-- Visit Vernon Wells - Producer and actor in Western X.  He will be signing
throughout the convention and will have his own panel in room 221 on Saturday from 4:30-5:30.
What are you planning on doing during the convention this year??

Western X schedule at the Phoenix Comicon: http://westernxtheshow.com/phxcc.html

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My May

Ok, let's start with April.  It was the 1st time in a LONG time that I was booked, working, shooting or filming every single day of the month.  EVERY day.  It was the best!
I may have the chance to audition for what would be the biggest production of my career.  So, I have really been focusing.  I got together with a good friend and talented photographer, Fausto Hernandez (www.FaustoHernandezPhotography.com) and I got new head shots,

some full body shots done and have been practicing all new monologues.  If I get the audition I'll let you all know when I head to L.A.  If I don't, at least I have fresh pictures and material! 
I also did a shoot for the cover of Big Dog Ink's 'The Legend Of Oz 4' 
which will be debuting at the Phoenix Comicon May 24-27th.  My cover is limited to 100 so make sure to stop by and grab a copy! 
I also got to interview Mike DeBalfo about his Soulfire announcement! He gave Comicbooked.com the FIRST interview about him working with Aspen on the 4th volume.  I have a short version here but a much longer, more in depth interview will be posted on www.comicbooked.com later next week.

I know that I am forgetting a lot of stuff--- and I still haven't even gotten into MAY!
I have to run for the day but when I come back, I'll have news about a few upcoming premieres, a new radio show, conventions and more!!
What did you busy yourselves with in April?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mug shots

YAY! I finally have new headshots! Thanks to the incredibly talented Fausto Hernandez, I now have a bunch of brand new shots to work with and to give to casting directors world wide.  Haha.. yeah, I know.
I am going to go through the pictures before I post them....but here is a screen shot of some of the images I have to choose from... this will be fun! ^_^

I have 2 more shoots this week-- 1 will be for my Dorothy Gale Cosplay and the other is for a few different things.....1 being--- more PINUP!!!
(maybe an outfit like that)

I've been working out too.  I got up this morning and did Ab Ripper x immediately.  Gotta work on those abs.
<-----------oh God do I want....

I also have some really great news regarding Comicbooked.com! As you know, I am the lead for the cosplay division and I have some interviews lined up this week as well that will have your jaw laying on the floor.  I will also be bringing you steady pictures and will be picking up some new writers to join my team as well.  **If costuming or cosplay is your thing, send me a message and we can discuss what you may bring to the team.**

That's all for now-- but don't fret-- this week is a BUSY one.  I'll have loads more to update you all on.

Now, go do something random and take pictures of it.  Why not?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey hey~~  Can you believe we're already 3 months into the year? Im thankful that I've stayed busy enough for it to fly by...but...Jesus! March!
Since my last post, I finished filming in It Kills You -- a supernatural/drama short film.  This is going to go to festival runs so if you attend any after April of this year, you just may see meeeee.
Other news...let's see--  MEN WITH NO LIVES! This is the radio show that I am on every Saturday along with Michael Flores, Dan 'Dice' , Kevin Tye, Dustin Hale and different guests weekly.  We talk about all of the bullshit that's going on in the world and throw in some music during our break.  We had a live show at O'Kelly's Bar for last weeks show.  Make sure to visit the site because there is a special note about what we are bringing to you and you can also chat with us there when we are recording ^_^

I've been cooking a lot--

Oh yeah, that's 6 wings, 2 of each baked in the above sauces.  I had another 6 giganto wings so I threw them in the crock pot with seasonings.  Don't be jealous.
I started working out again-- FINALLY.  I can't even explain how much better I feel.  I'd been eating so much sugar too-- bleah.
I love working on my stomach (no, not my ass.. ssd...) Let me scavange my HD to see if I have a reference pic of where I want to be.....
Ah- here we go

That's where I want to be.  Here is where I am:

So, I don't have TOO much work but I definitely want to be toned up again.  Damn you, winter and all of your comfort foods! Who else is getting ready for the summer? What are your favorite workouts and what do you use to stay motivated? Seriously, I want to know. 
So far I have 4 NEW cosplay outfits for Phoenix comicon which means lots of photo shoots! Things like that are my motivation.  
I'll be back soon with updates! 
Bye bye Bye

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amazing AZ con interview with Tom Hutchison

I promised interviews from the Amazing Arizona Con and here is number 1!
This is my interview with Creator and writer Tom Hutchison of Big Dog Ink.  Since I cosplayed Dorothy Gale from his Legend of Oz series, I thought it only fitting to start off the interviews with the creator himself.

Victoria Paege Interviews Big Dog Ink - The best home videos are here

I'll be bringing you more interviews next week!

Until then make sure to catch me Saturday Nights on Men With No Lives http://www.menwithnolives.com/  where we discuss news, entertainment and any other bullshit that's going on in the world. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amazing Arizona Con 2012

ANOTHER convention has come and gone.  This time, I was at the Amazing Arizona Con in Mesa, Arizona and I got to go dressed as Big Dog Ink's character: Dorothy Gale.
I was thrilled to be able to portray Dorothy from Legend of Oz: The Wicked West http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Legend-of-Oz-The-Wicked-West/137837859619265 (Thank you so much to Grant Brummett for the incredible photos!)
I spent the weekend bouncing from table to table, visiting with old and making new friends and even have some new interviews to show you all!!! FINALLY!!!  
The interviews have been transferred so now it's just up to editing.  I also have a written interview, along with a review coming up from one of the artists/creators that was at the con.  I won't spoil the surprise yet.  I'll let you know who it is when I have it posted.  
I have some big news about an Aspen character that I have been DYING to cosplay.  A few more weeks may be all you need to wait for that costume.  I won't even be waiting for a con to show her off.     
Who is your favorite female Aspen character?????? 
At the con I got to speak with Raven Gregory about a new series that he is going to be releasing.  That will be covered in the intervew that I post too.  I had a really good time at the convention and it was great to see how well received Legend of Oz was! We sold EVERY SINGLE issue!  Tom Hutchison, the creator of the story, was at the table all weekend, along with the very talented colorist, Kate Finnegan.  We held raffles giving away banners, comics, prints and more every day at 4 and had a fantastic location.  I got to hang out by Mike DeBalfo -- he draws like this: 

his wife (who also happens to be the drawing I chose ^_^),

Tony Parker, who draws like THIS :

who just released Dead Mans Run with Greg Pak and Aspen Comics.  Aspen, with Joe Benitez, J.T. Krul, Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald...... 

Nei, who is sexy AND tremendously talented-- this is hers:

and more people, like Pop Culture Paradise who brought along Chandler Riggs (Carl, from The Walking Dead)
I was very lucky to be a part of this years convention.  Again ^_^  Jimmy put on a great show!  
I seem to be getting very busy again (fucks yess) so maybe I will be making some more convention appearances before Phoenix.  I know I'll have a lot more comic/pop culture type news in the mean time.  I came back for the first show of the year with Men with No Lives http://www.livestream.com/cazadorproductions last Saturday and will be reporting every Saturday live, in studio.  You can watch, tweet with us and call in to bullshit.  
I know how becoming those headphones are.  Bom-chicka-woww wow. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New projects!

Happy New year!
I know I'm a little late on that one but hey, it's still the first week.  This year I am going to bust my ass work wise.  Already, on this 2nd day of the year, I have 2 photo shoots scheduled for Thursday, a NEW cosplay costume debuting on the 6th, 3 radio interviews scheduled..... and more. 
I am also back on Cazador Radio http://www.menwithnolives.com/ with Michael Flores (director of Western X), Dan Narciso, Dustin Hale and Kevin Tye.  Every Saturday from 8pm-10 you can listen in, chat while we are live and watch our shenanigans on livestream.  This is an adult show, so you should keep that in mind if you're streaming from your phone at work....dumbass. 
I did a pin up shoot with Pierre Price right before Christmas. I have posted some on my Facebook but  I am going to have a new print from this shoot available at conventions that I am not going to post online.  YAY! **these photos are untouched.  Any negative comments are therefore invalid.****
I am writing for Comicbooked.com and will be doing some more work this year with Comic Book Divas.  I'll be posting links everywhere.  
This week I will be at the Amazing Arizona Comic con at the Mesa convention center.http://amazingarizonacomiccon.com/  The convention runs from the 6th-8th.  Guests include Robert Kirkman, Aspen Comics (with Tony Parker!), Zenescope, Big Dog Inc, Shelby Robertson (American Discord), Jesse James Comics and many many more.  I will be debuting a NEW cosplay outfit for one of the above companies.  Teaser pics will be following this week.  ^_^
Also, there will be many exclusives, like this print the talented Shelby Robertson drew up.  This print is limited to 50 and features myself, Cosplay sensation Jessica Nigri, and Chandler Riggs from the AMC hit , The Walking Dead.  
See the big zombie on the top left...the one drooling on everything? That's me.  Hahaha,  Rawrrrrrrgggggggg!!! 
I also really want to get stuff up on my Deviant Art.  I've had my account for 2 years and just now have started using it.  Artists... add me and give me your pages! You can see my stuff here http://vpaege.deviantart.com/
I've got a LOT of work to get done so I'll leave you with that.  Have a wonderful New Year! I'll be around.  <3