Saturday, July 12, 2014

Moving, changing, loving, leaving

It's time.  For change.  Big, life changing steps that will help me to get further.  I've been traveling for conventions for the past few months, meeting new people, getting new opportunities, but missing out on the ability to really practice what I am working towards...and that is to continue and grow my acting career.  Geek Cred, my last project, is going strong but there is only 1 episode left and we aren't filming season 2 just

In just a few days I'll be moving across the U.S. and auditioning my ass off!  And I'm road tripping it, meaning I'll have lots of pics and updates to share along the way.  I may physically be moving alone... but you are all going along with me and I'll make sure not to leave too much out. 

I'm thinking of doing something new while at my new place.  Should I--
Do a workout/nutrition blog complete with pics and video?
Do tech blogs and occasional videos?
Review movies?
write for a few sites like before -- like comic book and horror news sites?

What WHAAAATTTTTTT should I do?!?!?!

 I'm also getting rid of my print stock before I leave so I have my online store open for the next few days until I leave.  Prints are on sale, I have packages and no matter what you buy- I am sending you a free 11x17 and more. :)

In the mean time-- I've got a few pics from my latest cons and shoots with Larry Alan Photography 

Here ya are, my Victorians!! xo