Monday, April 25, 2011

Long time no seeeee

I am back... and with a realistic time frame for when I will be posting.
Since my last post I have been working my ass off! I filmed in a feature film called, "A Man Called Nereus," have been posting, recording and traveling with the website I work with, and have been doing tons of other filming, signing and kicking ass. *note: my conceited remarks are most always sarcastic.* (or ARE they?? Dun dun DUNNNN!)
I am working on a lot of projects and plan on adding more often so I will not be able to post daily and won't even promise weekly..... but will stay on it as much as I can.
Right now, I am traveling.  I am in desperate need of a new, good camera, but am making due with my phone at the moment.  I have to say that being around this much green is something everyone needs.  It's refreshing for the soul.  EVERY soul! DO IT!

During the next few weeks I will post separate posts on the projects that I have been working on since I last updated as well.  As of now -- I just want to let you know that I am back and May 26-29th you can come visit me at the Phoenix Comicon! It's coming quickly and I will be on some panels and part of some great events.
I will also be doing a photo shoot or 2 before the convention too so that I can have some brand new prints!  Check out the types of pics (if you haven't yet) that I have here:

I have 1 shoot already set but I want to do some new, fun stuff.  I'm thinking maybe some new pinup or rockabilly.....maybe steam punk.....or MAYBE more cos-play.  Let me hear some ideas from you.  What is the next shoot you'd like to see me do?