Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tucson, comics and me

Did you go to the Tucson Comic con? I attended the 4th annual convention the 1st week of November which was held at the Bookmans event center in Tucson, Arizona.  The event expanded to a larger location and added an entire extra day to the schedule.  There were panels held, costumes worn, pilliow fighting with the Tucson Roller Derby gals and sketches.  On the first day I had a booth by the Arizona Underground Film Festival and got to meet a lot of new people and was so happy to have my friends visit ^_^
I got to walk around on day 2 and I took some pics for myself:
 Mike DeBalfo with the beautiful Mary DeBalfo.

On Sunday, some of the artists changed tables so I took over writer Raven Gregory's table.  I sat beside Shelby Robertson and his 2 beautiful table ladies.  Raven visited often-- and of course, the men had to take my glasses.  

I took Shelby's

I had more opportunities presented to me at this convention as well.  I will be cosplaying some amazing characters very soon and have a few new photo shoots lined up this month.  This Friday I am finally going to be working on another pin up shoot! 
So many new photo shoots and events are coming up! November 21st Western X is releasing another NEW episode!!! Episode 7 will premier on  Also! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Western X news letter at this months convention! 
I'll be back with new pictures from my newest photo shoot within the next 2 weeks! 

Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey everyone-- it's time for more updates!
I just finished filming an e-learning, web walk through for the nursing students of Apollo University.  If anyone is going to that college, you'll probably be seeing my face as I help you navigate through the website.  It's pretty cool to be able to do something like that.
I film with Bobby Blood this Saturday for a chapter in his movie, Terror 66.  This movie will consist of 3 short horror stories.  When I can release more info and pics-- I will!
Also, A Man Called Nereus  ( is days away from releasing a trailer and getting the website finalized.  I will make a big announcement when that happens.  Here is the 1st poster, if you haven't seen it yet:

Guys! I can NOT wait for you all to see this! I am SO proud of this film.  I've been waiting for this all since shooting completed in March.  Here is a shot of my character, I play Mayan Princess, Huichanna

Next week I will also be traveling to LA for an audition.  I won't say more for fear of jinxing myself.  I'll let you know how things go.
I started on a new photo project with Aaron Flores of Skewed Iris Photography - I have to tell you all that this is one of my favorite images.  The best in while.  Aaron is extremely talented.  Richard Anderson plays the dead man while Stephanie Nault did the makeup.

Everyone also has to go get the new Pucifer cd, mp3, itunes download etc.  The cd fucking rocks my face off!! I am loving it.  It's also all about Arizona (Maynard lives in Jerome).  Very great music.  Very talented man.

I'll have more updates and pictures for you all soon! Also- -keep your browsers on for up to the hour New York Comic con coverage!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy month!!

Hey my sexy vixens and studly men---- I'm back with some more updates.  Oh yes.  Update time!!!
As you may already know (or will shortly learn), I was filming in a full length motion picture, Camp 139.  We started filming early this year and at the end of July, we wrapped on production! I play a high schooler in love, Haley.  Here is a synopsis of the film:
"Set in Fossil Creek, Arizona, the film depicts a drug fueled camping trip gone to hell, when a militant killing machine begins to stalk four teens through the wilderness, luring them toward an abandoned Army hospital. In this high-school political horror, Stacy (Sarah Wilson) and Brandon (Joshua Johnson) are pulled away from a weekend of romance when their classmates Haley (Victoria Paege) and Mike (Frank Prell) become captives of The Patient, a perverse medical experiment stemming from the hospital's post World War II research. With the help of Mike's slacker brother John (Shane Dean, DEADFALL TRAIL, DEATH FACTORY BLOODLETTING) they locate the hospital, making a last-ditch effort to save their friends - or die trying."
You can keep watch as the editing progresses and more stills are released
 This Saturday, August 27th, I will be in Glendale at Jesse James Comics celebrating his 2 year anniversary.  Zenescope artists will be in attendance as well as shop owner Jesse James.  Come visit, hang out, party and get some comics and original art while you're at it.
Next up on September 3rd and 4th I start filming in a horror film by Bobby Blood, called Terror 66.  I'm not going to give too much away on this just yet.   As the film progresses I will keep you all updated.
The following weekend--  September 10th, I will be in Tempe, AZ at an event to raise money for the Phoenix Childrens Hospital at Pop Culture Paradise
Nei Ruffino, Mike Debalfo, Jessica Nigri and many more will be there to help raise money only $10.00 gets you a sketch, photo op or signed print.  Come on down and party with us comic geeks.
  Next up (or during the next 3 weeks) are some photo shoots.  First- I am going to be doing promo cards for the owner of Kill! .  We will be premiering these at conventions and in his shop.  More details and links to come on that as well.
Also, I am looking to do a really special photo shoot to represent my favorite female character. I have received permission directly from the creator and artist of the character and have sent all of the images to my talented seamstress, Amanda Tucker but now all I need is a little help from all of you.
I want to be able to bring you an incredible representation of this character but the materials are a little pricey.  I have set up a donate button from paypal if you would like to help more cosplay characters come to life.  For every $25 donated, I will send you 2 signed prints- 1 from the next shoot I do and the other from a shoot of your choice. Thank you in advance for any and everything.  YAY! for helping friends!

On another note----  In November I will be starting back up with Cazador Productions.  This means, oh yes, A Six Gun for Lobo!
(yup, that's me on the banner to the left of Lobo.  I'm in real life to the right...OmgLobosandwich!! I feel like I created a portal into another dimension with that one.)
Annnnnnyways---No shooting dates are set yet but this is when things will get rolling.  I play Alexis 'Lady' Lynch, a character that will briefly be introduced in the last episodes of season one of Western X.  This short series will follow Alexis and an opium addicted smuggler, Lobo (Dan Narciso) on an action filled journey that introduces us to a whole new world of Western X.  This is a more gritty version with drugs, sex, harsh language, get the point. Keep updated here:
Last but in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, LEAST------- A Man Called Nereus is in the final stages of post production. The trailer should be out within the next few weeks and more and more updates are being added to the FB page weekly.  The website will soon be fully functional and an IMDB will also be out soon.
Phew!!!  So much news -- but I HAD to share it all with you.  I'm going to be posting a little more often now.  Pictures from shoots, updates on my projects and places you can come and see me will be prevalent in the future.  Thanks for hangin in there so long with me between posts.  You are all supah  fly.  Yeah, I just said that.  : p

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Charity?! Sign me up!

Almost a year ago I created and posted about a situation that hit very close to home and how wonderful and unexpected Susan G. Komen was to help out my family.  I became an immediate supporter of the organization as they came to help out a young girl (my cousin) in a time of worry and then took care of EVERYTHING.
I don't usually give to charity.  I make a large detour when I hear the chiming Santa's at Christmas, I ignore transients or ask THEM for money in return (That'll come back to bite me in the ass one of these days, I'm sure haha).... and I don't donate to research or Ronald McDonald.  I don't even like helping out when kids are going door to door fundraising (for the simple fact that the companies are using the poor little kids to do their selling and offering them nothing in return). However, when I see an organization, so selflessly helping others, especially children, I change my stubborn, hard headed views.  That brings me to the Phoenix Children's Hospital.
Phoenix children's Hospital  I don't share everything on my blog posts but today I'm going to tell you a little story.  I have 3 beautiful sisters.  I am the oldest (by far), therefore, was fortunate enough to be there through many stages of their growing up.

The oldest of the 3, at age 14, was having some issues. She would get headaches all the time, wouldn't feel well, and the doctors didn't know what was wrong.  Eventually, they found out that she had excess fluid in her skull, surrounding the brain and causing too much pressure.  My little sister had to go in for brain surgery.
Now, the way that we are in my family is to deal with things as they happen and not worry about things that can't be changed.  That being said, details were kept minimal as she was so young and fragile,.... there is no reason for any added stress.  My sister went in for her surgery and our family went to show love and support.
That brings us to September of 2003 when the surgery took place. Immediately, as we entered the hallway of the hospital, there was a giant, wall sized tower with ramps and shoots and slides, encapsulated inside of 2 Plexiglas/see through plastic, type walls.  It had a ball that would drop from the top and roll through the maze and shoots and slides until it got to the bottom and started all over again.  Like a gigantic Mouse Trap!!! I LOVED that game!
Needless to say, something so simple was able to capture my attention and bring a smile to my face.... imagine how it must help all the worried children that come through that door on a daily basis.  The inside of the building is brightly colored and there was no heavy, ominous, suffocating air.  It did not feel like any of the hospitals that I'd ever had to visit.  My sister, was also extremely calm and upbeat about the whole experience.  There was happy, brightly colored art everywhere and signs showing who donated the piece or donated money to be able to get such docorations.  Little pieces of help go such a long way in this case.

The surgery was completed in a short amount of time, time in which our family took advantage of the large soft benches in the waiting room, rather than worrying in uncomfortable, hard chairs in an equally uncomfortable tile room.  A stint, (reservoir), was placed under the skin on the top of her head to slow the eventual build up of more fluid.  She came home a groggy and sore, yet happy little ladybug.  It was a tremendously positive experience.  Everyone was very nice and at no time did I hear any uncomfortable sobs or shrieks from sick children.
That being said, I am a HUGE fan of children's hospitals now.  I believe that Phoenix MUST go above and beyond and if not, then I praise ALL of the other children's hospitals that I have yet to visit.
Now, for the point of that long story----
On September 10th, I, along with many great artists, including Zenescopes Mike DeBalfo, Raven Gregory, Tony Parker and ladies in Cosplay, will be joining together at Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe, AZ to raise money for the Phoenix Childrens Hospital.  Please join me and the company that is organizing this charity event from 1pm-5pm and get original art and photo ops with myself and the other ladies.
With our help, we can keep children happy, as they should be, and more comfortable when life throws scary, adult situations their way.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  My sister has since had 1 follow up surgery, in 2007, in which they were able to find the cause of the build up, because of documentation they were able to compare to when she went to Phoenix Childrens.  Unfortunately it isn't something that we can prevent at this time but she remains the beautiful, happy, goofy girl she's always been.  I love her, and all of my siblings to a degree that only siblings can understand.  <3  

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Phoenix Comicon 2011 Part Dos

Alright!!  Now that computer decided to stay connected to the internet.....I can finish my con recap! YAY!
I believe we are now on SUNDAY!
Sunday is usually my FAVORITE day of conventions.  Everyone is tired from the hectic week so things are so much calmer and laid back.  I have been cast in a new feature film, Camp 139 (FB just started!), so I only had a limited time at the con because we had a table read at 3.  Although I started packing at 2, I had tons of visitors and met some great people.
Here was my table at con--
See the red flier I am pointing out? That is for the spin off series "A Six Gun For Lobo" that I will be filming with Cazador Productions at the end of this year.  It is a spin off of Western X.
Before I ran out of the convention, I realized that I hadn't had any time to visit any friends, get any sketches or browse any art so I grabbed my name banner and5  ran to everyone I could catch at their tables to get a signature and picture.  I got a lot in the 15 minutes I had.... Here is what I managed:

So that was my con experience.  I'm still a bit new to the world of blogging so for the sideways pictures, just lay your head on the table or turn your screen.  It won't hurt.  Don't you worry.  

What con's are you most looking forward to?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Phoenix Comicon 2011 part 1

Another year and the Phoenix Comicon has continued to grow!! So much stuff went on that I'm going to break this into 2 posts.  Thursday through we GO!
When I first went to the Phoenix Comicon 4 years ago it was held at the Mesa Convention center.  It was relatively quiet, there were little to no lines and I was able to sit and chat with artists for as long as I wanted.
Last year, I had the tremendous opportunity to be the spokesperson.  We pulled in almost 15 THOUSAND attendees, changed locations and the guest list was filled with more special guests than ever before, including an appearance by Mister Stan Lee.
This year, I was invited to be a guest of the convention (what an HONOR!) so I had a table on my own and the web series I am in, Western X ( ) had a booth.  Our booth was occupied by Vernon Wells who stars in AND produces the show.  Besides him, many of the shows cast frequented, including Dustin Hale, Kaily Alisano, Michael and Aaron Flores, Jason James and more.  (The picture above was taken at our booth.)
Thursday kicked the convention off and as I was unloading my heavy blue tub that housed a majority of my prints, I ran into convention favorite Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher.  As he was crossing the isle I was attempting to walk through he recognized me (we have a mutual friend and met at last years con), and helped me all the way to my table, as he gave me advice on how to avoid such heavy lifting in the future. was a good start to the week.  I spent the rest of the night setting up and running between my table and the Western X booth.  I was so busy that I didn't even get a chance to see any other guests or stop to see any art!
On Friday, I had 2 friends to help out with my table which was definitely needed as I was able to talk to all of the wonderful people I met.  I had a very short amount of time to run around an isle or 2 so I made sure to visit Ebas, Nei Ruffino and the rest of the Zenescope crew, Shannon Denton and his lovely wife (they are favorites of mine ^_^) and some of the artists from Evil Robo
After the convention I found a bar called Coach and Willies.  They were having extended happy hour (score!), so I had a few beers while I waited for my best friend Sarah to get into town from LA.  We ended up hanging out for a few hours and I won a raffle while I was there!  I got 2 tickets to an Arizona Rattlers game!!! Ive never been to one so I can't wait!
After drinks, we went and hung out with the awesome Evil Robo Crew all night.

Saturday was another day of insanity.  The guys from Evil Robo had a hard time getting to the convention the next morning so I gave them a lot of shit when they finally rolled in after 1.  I love conventions but they are very difficult weeks because its con all day  and parties all night.  It's worth it though.  It's always a good time.
At 4 on Saturday I had to pack up my table and run to a Western X panel. I was dressed as Nico Robin from One Piece so I sat with the cast, who were dressed as their characters in a bright red har and little bikini top.  It was definitely a funny thing to see.
I then ran to makeup for the Steampunk fashion show and walked in a dress by Amanda Tucker at Evermore Nevermore. , was part of a cosplay panel, and then went to the Western X premier for episodes 4 and 5.  It was BUSY!! After the con I took Marc Dos Santos over to where the Evil Robo crew was staying and we hung out for a short time.
SO much in just a few short days and that's not even all! Stay tuned, as I'll be posting about the remainder later tonight!
Who of you went to the con this year? Are you going to San Diego and did you cosplay?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Long time no seeeee

I am back... and with a realistic time frame for when I will be posting.
Since my last post I have been working my ass off! I filmed in a feature film called, "A Man Called Nereus," have been posting, recording and traveling with the website I work with, and have been doing tons of other filming, signing and kicking ass. *note: my conceited remarks are most always sarcastic.* (or ARE they?? Dun dun DUNNNN!)
I am working on a lot of projects and plan on adding more often so I will not be able to post daily and won't even promise weekly..... but will stay on it as much as I can.
Right now, I am traveling.  I am in desperate need of a new, good camera, but am making due with my phone at the moment.  I have to say that being around this much green is something everyone needs.  It's refreshing for the soul.  EVERY soul! DO IT!

During the next few weeks I will post separate posts on the projects that I have been working on since I last updated as well.  As of now -- I just want to let you know that I am back and May 26-29th you can come visit me at the Phoenix Comicon! It's coming quickly and I will be on some panels and part of some great events.
I will also be doing a photo shoot or 2 before the convention too so that I can have some brand new prints!  Check out the types of pics (if you haven't yet) that I have here:

I have 1 shoot already set but I want to do some new, fun stuff.  I'm thinking maybe some new pinup or rockabilly.....maybe steam punk.....or MAYBE more cos-play.  Let me hear some ideas from you.  What is the next shoot you'd like to see me do?