Friday, August 21, 2009

Back home!

I took a little vacation- -without my computer. I spent a few days in beautiful California. I had my meeting on Monday but don't have any information yet as to if I will be getting the opportunity I am hoping for. I should know more in 1 to 2 weeks and then there may be a BIG change in my life. Other than the meeting on Monday, I got to hang out with some old friends in LA. We went to see District 9 (amazing movie), and then hit up a few local spots for some food and drinks. It's always good to hang with familiar, friendly faces, as well as to meet new ones! I spend Tuesday with my friend Donnie driving around the coast, hiking some amazing, hidden spots by the ocean, and enjoying Santa Clarita. I got to see the "Sunken City." It is apparently a town that was built on the edge of the ocean and one day just completely sunk into the ground. There wasn't an earthquake or huge storm or anything, it just sank. It was pretty cool to look at. It's behind a big gate and you would never know it was even there unless you were a local. There are still big chunks of pavement in the dirt and you can even see where the road just stops and then drops off to this huge hole. Very interesting. The house I stayed at was amazing as well. It belongs to the owner of Spectrum FX. I can't really even begin to describe how beautiful it was. It is on 14 acres and is literally on the mountain...well, part of the mountain almost. It was spectacular.
Today was Scot's birthday so after he opened his presents we went to see a movie, layed by the pool, and then ran some errands. I made a great dinner too and am sooo full! I wanted to go out for dessert but now I am just waiting for Monday when I get to pick up the cake I had custom made for him. *Thank you Bindi Baby*
As for another comic update----I should be able to do one this weekend, as soon as I have some more information about the vendors.
Tomorrow night though I will be at Martini Ranch to see some video premiers. Doors are at 8, show is at 9 which will be followed by lots of drinking and socializing. Make sure to go if you are looking for something to do this Saturday. 21 and up only!
I'll get some pics and post them Sunday :)