Friday, October 25, 2013

A Big, Round October

Ah! It's already fall! What the hell happened to the year? It flewwww. 
Speaking of fall..... it's about that time... Halloween!! This year, unlike the past few years- I want to celebrate.  Why, you ask? Because this the biggest release month I've ever had.
Just in time for the bloody holiday, I voice a horror cd, "Sanitys Edge" along with Tamara McDaniel, Jake Brown  and composed by Scott Haskin.

Then-- I have, not one, but TWO full length feature films (movies) out-- 'Camp 139'
 I play Haley- -a teenaged girl on a trip with her BF and best friends.

 and 'Death by VHS' -- I just have a cameo in this.  It's a series of short horror films.  I play a 'sexy nurse" in 'Lepus'

both are available on Amazon now!  I'm also in the newest issue of Gorezone magazine,
in an interview article about the movie.    Plus, this month, go into Home Depot and check out their HVAC and heating units-- the commercials that they have playing-- is all ME!!  I have done 2 for the company already and you can see me playing in Home Depots in 17 states across the nation.
*does dance*
I'm a little excited.
As for comic cons-- I am contemplating Comikazee but it's only a week and a half away and I won't be selling any prints at the show.  Tucson Comic con is also the 1st weekend of November, but, again, I have 7/8 new prints that I'd love to be able to get out to all of you in person. SO-- If I don't do either if those conventions, I will be doing a MASSIVE amount of shoots (pin-up/cosplay/crossplay/fetish etc) and will be coming to Albuquerque in January with all new costumes and prints! 
What are you all doing for Halloween? Parities/ Out of town parties/trips?  And what about those costumes? If I dress up-- I'll be posting pics here, on my Instagram and on FB
Stay tuned, my lovelies.    xoxoxo