Friday, October 17, 2014

Another something new!

Oh Aspen Comics.  How I love them.  Do you read anything that they publish? Have you read their new series, Damsels in Excess?  You should probably get on that if you haven't yet.  Next year I'm going to be in a new trading card series as Princess Bethany for Aspen,  so last week I met up with Larry Alan, makeup artist Tara Hutchison and seamstress, body artist and regular bad ass, Amanda from ModifiedMinds to do a few shoots.  Amanda made me this fantastic dress and Tara worked on my hair and makeup. 
 Obviously we didn't use body paint
Closer look at my makeup
  Tara did an amazing job on my hair and makeup, but this version isn't even close to done.  I still need a lip ring, gloves, a different choker, a flower for my hair....  Here is Princess Bethany. 
We reshot last week with everything-- those pics will be out, edited and on a trading card within the next few months! I'll post links once everything has been announced.

Stay classy, my little pickles and remember, you can find me every day on my instagram as @pocketsized21.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I do in my free time

It seems like whenever people ask what I like to do in my free time, I have to 'come up' with a few answers.  Meaning, I don't feel like I do anything in the free time I have because I work so much.  But come on, I don't work ALL of the time.
One of my best friends is the insanely talented Tara Hutchison, who does makeup, amongst many other things.  So, last weekend while hanging out before a shoot, we decided to play.  This time I did all the makeup and she got to sit back and be subjected to my multicolored wrath!! Mwahahahaha!!!

For Tara I decided to make her up as Angel from Borderlands 2.

 What do you think?
I chose Arcade Miss Fortune from League of Legends for myself.... Since my hair is lighter now I can do brighter characters a little easier now.  

So that's one thing that I do in my free time.  I play with makeup.  
What do you do in YOUR free time?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just a quickie

Well hello again my Victorians.  I've been working hard this morning, sending emails to casting directors and looking over the script for my newest (Western) film.  There is a big movie filming in a few days in LA and if I get cast, I'll be jumping in my car to drive to and stay the rest of the month in California.
I've been traveling a bunch the past few months and have also been working on a new series so I haven't had time to do much else.  I'm not complaining!! There isn't much else I'd rather be doing.  :D
So what did I submit to today? I don't know if I can say-- but I can tell you it's to be in a comic con scene.  All of the costumes that I submitted were made by Amanda , accessories by Torture Couture and some things were made by me (about 90% Amanda) so if I get cast- I'll be sharing the costume and the film.
But  for those of you curious-- here are some of the cosplay and original characters that I submitted that were provided by ModifiedMinds.
 Fem Predator by ModifiedMinds
 Dorothy Gale from Legend of Oz
 Original creation by ModifiedMinds
Wednesday Addams by me :) 

The next 2 weeks are still unknown but next month  I will start filming in the new series.  I can't wait to tell you all more about that! Much news- coming up soon! 
What are you filling your month with?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Eight weeks of insanity and pics to prove it.

And just like that- we are almost half way through October.  Hi friends.  I'm back.  And like usual, I am back with a bajillion adventure stories and pictures.  The last time I wrote I was going over my San Diego Comic Con week.  The insane 5 days of running around with no sleep, meeting everyone I could imagine and sharing milkshakes with new friends. 
Now, half way through October, I've taken a much needed break from comic cons to focus on acting, and I've had an opportunity to breathe a little while doing so.  Although  not for long, I've still enjoyed every second I've been able to spend with my friends and family. Ok, enough of the girly gush! ugh.
In August I did a few photo shoots.  I worked with Larry Alan again (photos not yet released) while on a roadtrip to Tucson.  We explored the city for a day and stopped in at
 1702 for a slice of the biggest pizza I've ever seen and some really good beer.  
I shot with Dennis Mong - hair and makeup by Cheryl Roden (Mong)

Then I shot a really fun box set with London

 After those shoots I took a beautiful trip with a group of people I am soon to be shooting a movie with.  We went up to the woods and talked about our next project.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL OMGAFGLOLLERZFASDLW!!!

After the trip, I got a few days to get ready for the Saboten Con in Glendale, Arizona which ran from August 29-September 1st.  I was fortunate to be invited as a guest this year so I was there all weekend with all of my stuff and got to hang out with friends the whole time.  It was pretty fantastic. 

So then it was September.  Good ol' September.  I was planning on leaving for New Orleans after my next event, which was the Ventura con, which I was also a guest at, so other than packing up oh so much stuff, I had to say goodbye to my Tortoise, Maturin :(

I found her a nice home and sent her off with a gigantic bag of food.  Bye bye my sweet little reptile.  May you go shit in someone else's yard.

September!!!!!!  I did another shoot with Larry since I got some more gifts from my Wishlist - so- NEW PRINTS!

I was invited as a guest to C4 in Ventura, California so I road tripped it with a group of friends and they helped me all weekend at the convention.  Then convention, put on by WTF events was RIGHT ON THE BEACH.  Not a block away, but ON the beach.  You could look out the convention doors and watch the ocean.  It had the best scenery of any convention that I"ve ever been to.  While at the show I was a part of a panel on Diversity in the industry along with Damion Poitier (Avengers, True Blood), Theo Crane (The Walking Dead), and Dino Andrade (Ghost in the Shell, Batman: Arkham Asylum). It was a packed panel and we had a fantastic discussion with the audience.  When I can find a video I'll post it for those of you who would like to see it.  
 First day of the con- I dressed for beach weather... :)

 Dino Andrade
Theo Crane
At the convention, I spoke with several casting directors, one of whom hinted at a pretty good opportunity at the end of October in Los Angeles.  I decided to stay in California and Arizona through the end of October since, if cast, I wouldn't have to travel all the way from New Orleans.  After I made that decision  I found out that the next project I am working on would start weekly character work and full cast rehearsals.  So, for the remainder of September, in between the flooding, birthday parties and face paint- I was researching and working on my character like mad.  I can't tell you anything about her yet- or the series, but it's different, yet again, from anything you've seen me do.  
So, that is what the rest of my summer was filled with and now we move into October.  There will be much more to post this month and continuing on into the future so I'll talk to you all very soon! 

P.S.- You don't have Ebola.