Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The New New Girl

6 weeks!
6 weeks since I've signed my lease and I'm convinced there is magic out here.  Of course, Im sure it only shows up if you're willing to work your ass off and give up everything...but I've learned in life the hardest decisions to make often turn out with the most beneficial outcome.
Over the past month I've been doing my best to keep you updated through my
Snapchat: VictoriaPaege
Instagram: pocketsized21
Facebook and even Tumblr  
but for those of you that may be missing my posts, don't have those sites or- just want to read a blog....this is for you. And the pictures guys.
Let's start with tonight. I'm sitting on the set of a new TV show waiting to film. If you've ever thought about acting, or even just sitting in the background of a film to 'see what it's like' the first thing to know is that you'll be on set for hours and hours. If you're working background (bg), 8 hour days very rarely exist (it's usually 12 or longer) so music, books, your monologue and sides are fantastic to bring.
If you aren't bg don't worry. You'll get your call sheet the night before and your sides are normally ready for you when you get to the (or your) holding area. By that point you should have an idea of what's going on though so I won't go into too much detail on that. 
Since I signed my lease, I've only been 'home' 5 days. As soon as I moved in I went to Long Beach to visit with my loves Nei Ruffino, JP Roth and Eric Basaldua. It was a double birthday weekend so I ended up staying 5 or 6 days to celebrate and visit.
Then I came to Burbank and found out one of my best friends was going to be in LA for the Creative Artists Emmys in which he was nominated for Outstanding Special FX on American Horror Story. 
He won. 
After that weekend, about 2 days later I flew out to New Orleans for some meetings. It was my first time in New Orleans so I hustled, got my info out to some pretty important people and set up some more meetings. Since one of them fell a few days after I was to fly back to Cali, I pushed my trip forward about a week. 
The actor I was staying with in NOLA had to go film in LA so I had to find a place to stay. Because of this, I called up a cousin I hadn't seen in years and he drove up from Florida to pick me up. I got to see his beautiful home, meet his twins and hang out with his husband whom I absolutely adore. We took a trip to the Portifino Island resort and played on Periscope. 
Then I came back to NoLa for about a week for more submissions and to go to my meeting. When I got back I got another wonderful gift as well- a girl I've known almost 10 years and had NEVER gotten to hang out with in person, just spent years getting to know each other through phone and Internet. I got to meet her family and hang out with her for a week! She showed me around Bourbon street, and fed me the best southern food!!! 
That brings me back to LA. The day after I got back I went into town to submit to a new bg/principal acting agency. I spent the morning there then went to archery !