Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I can not wait for this movie. I mean, who doesn't love the thought of their little boy running away to play with a group of gigantic furry monsters?!

Fetish Ball

I have SOME pictures from Fetish Ball last winter but I just found more... follow this Link. I can't find out how to save them so you have to use the link. Thanks to Andy Hartmark for the photgraphy, and to Fusha from Bella Lune for bringing the site to my attention.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yoga X!

I just did an hour and a half of yoga X!! Holy Shit is that hard! It's almost 7:30 and I still don't have a call time for tomorrow's shooting. *sigh*-----Nevermind! As I was typing I got the confirmation email. Call time is 11 am tomorrow. YAY!! That means that I get to sleep in at least a little. I am going to bring my camera and I'll try to sneak some pictures (shhh!). If I snag any good shots I'll post them right away.
I bought a henna set a few days ago. I've been practicing some of the designs at work. Hopefully with time I'll get really good. Even if I don't I'll probably be walking around with henna stains all over my hands and feet. Haha. I can see that happening. It'll look more like I smeared bad self tanner all over myself then tried to make a crazy design. Oh geez.
Ok, I have to get my hurr died and pick out my outfit for tomorrow :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good News!!!

Today was so long. I worked from 7:15 am until 10:30 tonight. I am ready for bed! I tried to get tomorrow off because I wanted to go see a baseball game with some friends but for some reason all of the vacation time for tomorrow is used up. What!? It's a freaking Monday. No one ever requests those days off. Grrrr. I asked for Thursday off just because I was upset about tomorrow, so I am going to have a good long weekend.
I had an audition scheduled for Tuesday for a local film and then I was going to spend the day with my grandparents, who are in town from North Carolina. I got an email today though telling me that I was chosen for a part in TBS' "My Boys" that is filming here this week. Now, Tuesday will be dedicated to filming! YAY!!! I love that I am going to be able to add something else with some meat to my resume. I will be a "sports fan." Go team, Go!
Now I REALLY need tomorrow off because I have to get an outfit and dye my hair. I don't want to have to pull an all nighter like I did when I was filming in "Maneater." Ugh, those were some LONG days.
I have not been good the past 2 days with my P90x. I suck :(
I'm tired so I'm going to get some sleep. Good Night!!