Friday, November 14, 2014

A New Me

So what's up my friends? It seems like a lot is going on this month already!!
I finished Boardwalk Empire.  Do any of you watch that show? I don't know how I feel about the ending.  I liked the series overall though and Steve Buscemi did an absolutely fantastic job on the series.
I'm also getting myself ready for the next role I'll be appearing in.  I'm not only getting myself ready mentally and emotionally, but am changing a few things about my appearance.  Since July  have been eating more healthy and have dropped some weight but last week, the biggest change came and I cut my hair off. My friend and hair dresser Debbie came over and cut about 10'' off!
Oh gawd, so much hair

 Amanda also got new hair ^_^
And Tara s just so stunning that you don't even notice hair. On anyone. 
In other November news- We have a new name for our series!!!!!   As soon as we start filming I will give you more details but we have made some huge progress over the past few weeks.  A new horror series with a fantastic cast and with a different story every week.  I AM ECSTATIC!!!! 
In other important news that I feel is too important to pass up- The lander Philea successfully landed on a comet- YAY!! Ok, they may have lost contact with it already, but at least it landed and we can learn from that.  We have been making some huge strides in space travel lately.   I hope that with all of the independent companies venturing into space travel that we go farther faster than expected and learn more than we could have ever imagined. 
Oh, and also, Keira Knightley posed topless for Interview! magazine and  Kim Kardashian is naked all over the internet for some reason.  I can't figure out why but if this is what it takes to loosen people up so be it.  I think as a society we can be a bit sheltered anyway. 
Just dance!
Love and Peace!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New shoot with Larry Alan!!

Hello my friends! Its November!
 What did you do for Halloween? I spent some time in LA before coming to Arizona to shoot with Larry Alan for his annual Countdown to Halloween.
In one day we built the sets and Tara and I worked on makeup. Tara  created and taught me gore fx and I taught her how to make bruises ^_^.  In 13 hours we had 2 sets built and did 2 different sets of horror themed pictures.

For the full set, visit Larry Alan Daily.
Peace out.