Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 3

Alright! Day 3 is coming to an end and I have been doing ok.  Not incredible, but way better than nothing.  On Day 1 I did some arm exercises.  I had trouble sleeping that night and only dozed from 5 am until about 7 am.  ***Note to self- turn phone on silent- especially if you are having trouble sleeping. Emails WILL wake  you up after you FINALLY fall asleep. *****
As for my "diet", I have been keeping to home made meals, fruits and veggies.  Yesterday I made homemade chicken noodle soup.  I got 3 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken from a farmers market, used fresh carrots, broccoli, lots of fresh garlic, fresh mushrooms, low sodium chicken broth and an onion.  I love seasonings and after hours of simmering and a night of setting in oregano, bay leaves, parsley flakes etc, it is PERFECT for lunch or dinner. 
If you have a farmers market, I suggest going and grabbing fresh fruits and vegetables.  Farmers markets, rather than a chain grocery store, or even Whole Foods, will have a great variety of fresh and healthy foods at an extremely affordable price.  Example? I got all of this:

This only cost me about 10.00.  You won't always find awesome deals, but check your weekly ads, or even go online and you can find where to get the best prices weekly.  Also, you don't need to buy organic. Organic isn't necessarily better.  Also, don't be afraid of FATS.  I know it's scary, especially when you
are working on keeping your weight down, but there are different types of fats.  Cheese, dairy, nuts: these are all fine.  All of these are natural and your body knows how to process them.  Remember, you need fat to live.  That doesn't mean to only eat meat and cheese, or that can't eat too much.  It's foods like sugary cereal, desserts, your favorite coffee with all of that chocolate of caramel.... that will pack on the pounds.  Keep everything in moderation. 
This 30 day challenge is not a way I am planning on living my life.  It is just that, a challenge.  I want to see if I can get a little more lean and also, want to see if I can do it mentally. 
As for motivation, I have a picture hanging by a mirror that I like to look at for inspiration. 
As for working out, on day one I did some arm work.  Day 2, since I had only managed 2 hours of sleep, I took it easy and didn't do a workout.  However, today I did a circuit.  I also got warm up out of the way by putting on some house music (I like stuff like Daft Punk and John B) and moving while doing house work. 
I would rather workout at home than at a gym and make use of the little space. 

I use my living room which is plenty. 
Here are my day 3 (night 3) pictures.  I have dropped a little water weight.  I can't wait to see how much of a difference I  can see after it's all done!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Challenge

As some of you may heave read on twitter or my facebook, I am  starting a 30 day challenge.  During the next 30 days I will not have any sugar, junk food or alcohol.  Well, I will do my best not to.  This is going to take a LOT of self control and sharing my progress with you will help me stick with it.  I will make sure to update much more often than I have been, as I want you to see the progress.  It will also help me keep track of measurements and such. 
I am going to start off telling you what prompted this.  Being the official spokesperson for the Phoenix Comicon this year, and knowing that at the end of May I was going to be hanging out, promoting and interviewing some of the biggest guests of the convention, I needed to be in great shape.  I was doing news interviews, being filmed and photographed daily and walking around the convention center in front of around 15,000 guests.  I started working out and cutting back on breads, snacking and alcohol and exercising a lot and was happy with my progress.  By the end of May, I was confident with myself.  However, after an INTENSE 4 day convention, I was exhaused and spent the next 3 days resting and laying around relaxing.  I wanted a little break.  I didn't have any upcoming projects so didn't need to push myself as hard.  Fast forward to the beginning of August......
I took a month and spent some time helping out my family.  During this time I still worked, but it was mostly web stuff and no actual filming.  The only working out I did was indoors on projects, such as cleaning, painting and various odds and ends.  I didn't have anything important so I would enjoy a few drinks.  Unfortunately, I found da beer that I like (St. Paulie's girl) and for the first time in 3 years started drinking beer instead of my normal champagne.  In just 8 weeks I went up 6 lbs.  That's the most I've gained in over 3 and a half years.  It's true.  Beer makes you fat.  SO-- knowing that at the beginning of November I will start stunt training for the Western X ( spin off, I know that I need to kick myself back into gear.  It's so EASY to be lazy and enjoy desserts, junk food and a few drinks.  No challenge in that at all. 
Today was day one and here are my starting measurements: (remember, I am short and naturally tiny, but that doe NOT mean that I am toned or even in good shape.  You have to work hard for that.  The challenge is what makes it that much more rewarding)

Chest (under bust, exhale)-- 27"
Waist- (smallest part of torso)-- 23.5"
Hips- (at hip bones)-- 31.5"
lower waist- (around largest part of butt)-- 35 1/4"

My goals? To be able to kick ass on the series, during training and to tighten up!! To get back to the weight that I was at for the Phoenix Comicon and to keep it down. 
I like to work on my muscles and use body weight for a lot of the circuits that I do rather than just focusing on cardio. 
If you have, are or are planning on starting any kind of program don't be afraid to share your stories.  I will offer support as well! I hope you enjoy following my on this challenge.  It's going to be difficult but fun!