Friday, September 18, 2009

Watch over Me

I just got done with a 3 hour rehearsal. I am really excited about starting this project over. We really have some good material, a camera man, a better space to shoot and a good fluid script. I get to really work my acting chops to as I have a couple emotional scenes. I love it!!!
I have an audition tomorrow for another project too so hopefully I will have a lot of work in the very near future.
I have a friend coming to visit tomorrow after work so I have been busy trying to straighten up a bit at home. We are all going to go out to dinner tomorrow night. I love going out with friends.
Oh by the way- The new Rammstein video is literally a porno. It's the oddest rock music video I have ever seen. It's the band members- fucking. Dicks and all. Interesting. *************This is NOT for young eyes***********

Thursday, September 17, 2009

remember this

Oh yes...that's right- I am watching this right now.. have some drinks and pop in this sucker. Know that it is gonna be ridiculous.... and you will have an awesome time!!

Holy shit!

Check this out. This poor chick got impaled, through the NECK by a tree! AAHHH!!!!!!!!!! I would have been freaking out soo bad!
Heading to work but I am going to be starting my before and after pictures for p90x in another blog. (still on this blogger but under another name). We'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new website? Guns? Midget tossing??

I just got back from Cavalry Arms. I spent a few hours going over installing the lower kit on an AR-15. That's right folks, I am at it again. I have a photoshoot with them tomorrow and then next week will be filming the tutorial video. This is for those that have the parts available, and may not know exactly how to put the gun together. MY purple. I HAVE to have a custom gun!! IT's me!
I did nothing but run errands today!! I didn't even get lunch or a chance to lay out! At least I got a lot done. I will have a blackberry next week too so it will be a lot more convenient for me to update my blog, pics and twitter. YAY!
Speaking of...Twitter ( I have been updating that more than anything else and even adding some pics that I haven't posted anywhere else. Just an FYI if you haven't started following me yet. *wink wink*
Ok--take a look at this picture. It is hanging at the gun company I will be working for and I HAD to take a picture. It's funny...but now look closer. What is going on in this picture?? Like, really, going on??? I want to hear what you all think. It's pretty crazy.

Noooow--- As for the website. I have a site name (not willing/able to pay for a domain yet though) but need some help with setting things up. If you get in contact with me I can give some examples. Anyone really good with web setup?? I need help!!
Thank you :)
I just got a call from a director/producer and I have an audition on Saturday! That's always good news. We'll see how it goes!

Monday, September 14, 2009

p 90..p 90 X!!

It's about that time again. When I first started my blogger account I was doing P90x, working my ass off and loving every minute of it. Then, like usual..things died down a little, I started working non-stop, and I made excuses. It's time for me to start up again. I am excited, I always feel so good when I do this workout.
In other news-----The flyers are here!!!!

I will be leaving them around town starting tomorrow. Watch for them at Bookmans, Zia, Atomic Comics and other places like that :) I am very excited!
I didn't get the video blog done because I went out of town. If you were looking for the 6th update and didn't find it, that's why. I will work on it tomorrow (Tuesday).
In other news....Patrick Swayze!! He is finally at rest after what had to be an exhausting battle with cancer. He hung on and got to stay with his family during his last months which is one of the best ways to spend your last days. May he rest in peace.
Ok, now, what I really want to go over is the Kanye West debaccle. I know that everyone has already talked about it. Ever since it happened at last nights VMA's. However, I just have 1 question to ask. If Serena Williams can lose an important game for "unsportsmanlike conduct," why is it that these entertainers can't be disqualified from things for their behavior???
Tennis matches actually matter. A reprocussion so big as to lose a match because of your behavior is a bit harsh. However, in the world of seems that you can act however you want and will still be in the running for every award possible. Getting nominated is a pretty exciting thing. Being invited and attending an awards ceremony, whether it be the Teen Choice awards, or the Emmys, is a privlidge. If you act out of hand, why are you only kicked out of the remainder of the event? Why not be held responsible for acting IRRESPONSIBLE and be disqualified from being nominated at the NEXT awards show that may be? I think it seems like pretty fair punishment. Whether you like it or not, when you become a celebrity, you become a role model. It seems like the majority of the nations "role models" are teaching everyone else that it is ok to act like a spoiled brat. And why not? You'll never be held responsible for your actions.