Friday, August 28, 2009

I totally swore against it

But...I finally caved and started a twitter account. That's right. Me. I make fun of that shit...but now I can see myself becoming addicted very quickly. Like a russian prostitue and heroin. Oh well. My twitter address is I signed up for it on my phine but don't really know how it works yet. I guess we will see.
So far none of the LA opportunities I have been going far are producing any results..but hey it's only been 2 things so far. There will be many more I am sure. I was supposed to go to Wet and Wild with my friends today but am stuck with no money..again. At least I'll have time to get a workout it. Having time and actually doing the workout are 2 different things though lol. I'll let you know how it goes. I got my bikini shoot done this week.. I needed full body pics very quickly and luckily I had some friends willing to help me out. Great Great friends :)
I posted a 4th video (posted here) for the comic-con. I will make the next 1 more interesting. I was in a hurry this week so it's not my best...get over it!
Thank you all again for the help with my Chipin account. Remember- you can find it further down the page or by going to my myspace (


Update #4!! - The best free videos are right here

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New comic-con information....and some corrections!!

First of all I want to apologize for not updating everyone on the raffle BEFORE it took place in Tucson (this Tuesday the 25th). That was 100% my fault. It was on the website, and if I would have read it ahead of time I could have that information ahead of time. See what happens when you don't go to the page?!?!? Learn from my mistake guys...
Another correction- I went to the AZ Bay video showing in Scottsdale this week. It was not "Damaged Goods Media" as I had put earlier. I'm fucking up left and right~~
FInally though- I have a new video up. This time I went over the vendor information for Modelers or Mice. The artwork on their "props" is pretty freaking outstanding. They have guns, toys, masks. You really need to check out the gallery on their page. Please also remember to check out for more information and for table information if you are a vendor.
Other than that, I enjoyed my last 2 days off. I finally went to the gym and did some good exercises yesterday. I layed by the pool the last 2 days also....that was sooo nice.
Amanda- I love you ladybug. Thank you for the contribution. You are wonderful~!
*I'm talking about my CHipin account that you can all find further down this page....or on my Myspace page. It is setup to help me with promotion costs and I appreciate every bit of help I can get:)*

Monday, August 24, 2009

pics from LA

Sooooo............... I went to Martini Ranch this weekend. I watched a lot of Arizona Bay Pictures videos play (2 of witch I was in --*yay*)..and then got to meet a lot of good contacts. I worked today and then came home and went out to eat with myman and his friends. I really wanted to hit up a happy hour, but unfortunately Applebees doesn't have happy hour on the weekends. Lame.... I finally got a frame for my High Tension looks amazing. Then we came home and I drank some champagne. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to entice the buzz...or drunk, I was hoping for. I am going to start getting ready got a photo shoot and I have to start tomorrow (it's a minimum 3 week prep time), so I was hoping tonight would be a gooooooood, drunk, fun night. Damn it, damn it, damn it. I lose this time inspector Gadget.

As for the Comic-con: I am to do the promotional videos.
The next few weeks to a month I will be focusing on the actual vendors and going over some basic information. Just like usual. Make sure to stay tuned- I promise once all of this is done I will focus more on me an my other projects.
Thanks for staying loyal!