Monday, August 24, 2009

Sooooo............... I went to Martini Ranch this weekend. I watched a lot of Arizona Bay Pictures videos play (2 of witch I was in --*yay*)..and then got to meet a lot of good contacts. I worked today and then came home and went out to eat with myman and his friends. I really wanted to hit up a happy hour, but unfortunately Applebees doesn't have happy hour on the weekends. Lame.... I finally got a frame for my High Tension looks amazing. Then we came home and I drank some champagne. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to entice the buzz...or drunk, I was hoping for. I am going to start getting ready got a photo shoot and I have to start tomorrow (it's a minimum 3 week prep time), so I was hoping tonight would be a gooooooood, drunk, fun night. Damn it, damn it, damn it. I lose this time inspector Gadget.

As for the Comic-con: I am to do the promotional videos.
The next few weeks to a month I will be focusing on the actual vendors and going over some basic information. Just like usual. Make sure to stay tuned- I promise once all of this is done I will focus more on me an my other projects.
Thanks for staying loyal!


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