Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New comic-con information....and some corrections!!

First of all I want to apologize for not updating everyone on the raffle BEFORE it took place in Tucson (this Tuesday the 25th). That was 100% my fault. It was on the website, and if I would have read it ahead of time I could have that information ahead of time. See what happens when you don't go to the page?!?!? Learn from my mistake guys...
Another correction- I went to the AZ Bay video showing in Scottsdale this week. It was not "Damaged Goods Media" as I had put earlier. I'm fucking up left and right~~
FInally though- I have a new video up. This time I went over the vendor information for Modelers or Mice. The artwork on their "props" is pretty freaking outstanding. They have guns, toys, masks. You really need to check out the gallery on their page. http://modelersormice.com/default.aspx Please also remember to check out Tucsoncomic-con.com for more information and for table information if you are a vendor.
Other than that, I enjoyed my last 2 days off. I finally went to the gym and did some good exercises yesterday. I layed by the pool the last 2 days also....that was sooo nice.
Amanda- I love you ladybug. Thank you for the contribution. You are wonderful~!
*I'm talking about my CHipin account that you can all find further down this page....or on my Myspace page. It is setup to help me with promotion costs and I appreciate every bit of help I can get:)*

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