Friday, August 1, 2014

My week through glass at SDCC 2014

What an incredibly unforgettable and wonderful week at the San Diego Conic con.  Not only did I have the most incredible show ever, but I got to document it ALL thanks to Google Glass and illustrator/developer/ Glass explorer , Justin Chung .

Quick heads up, these next few posts are going to be very long and will have many, many pictures. 

Since I'm sure there are many of you who want to go but weren't able to, and for those who are curious as to what the experience is like, I am going to do my best to bring an idea of the experience to you.

Wednesday- July 23rd.
 I spent the night before packing the rest of my outfits for the week.  I didn't think I was going to be going to the convention but a lot of business came up that I couldn't miss, so .... here I am packing last minute.  I would pack and nap an hour or 2..up until 9 am when I slept past my alarm and woke up to a text letting me know that my carpool buddies, Eric and Leah Rose were sitting on my porch, playing with my tortoise waiting for me.  Whoops.
So, we packed up the car and before leaving state we stopped for a huge breakfast.  San Diego Comic con is an adventure.  Five very long days of adventuring.  So, starting the with a good breakfast is PERFECT!!!!
After the long drive to San Diego, I met up with Justin on the floor and hung out for the rest of the night.  Apparently, my way in Guillermo del Toro stopped by the table and was looking at Justin's art, which included my pinups.
Pics or it didn't happen? It happened.
I said hi to everyone there and decided to walk Eric around to show him some of the main booths and places to be.  I only made it about half-way through but at least I got to see -- 

and his eyes lit up.
When I got back to the table Justin told me that he brought an extra pair of Google glass for me to wear for the weekend.  Whaaa?!?!? I was beyond excited.  I've worn them before, but never had a pair to explore with on my own.  This was going to be an incredible week! On the way to the hotel I took some last minute cell phone pics  and Justin got a pic of me before the glass experience started.
 In San Diego you share a room with multiple people..... 99.9% of the time.  This time I was fortunate enough to be room sharing at the Omni which was immediately across the street from the convention center.  As soon as we got in the room, Justin helped to get me started with the setup. 
Glass Setup- It couldn't get easier.  I launched the play store on my phone (Android OS) and installed 'My Glass'.  It had me pair my device with the phone through the number it provided me, had me answer a few setup questions and then I was set.  My phone and the glass were paired.
The setup on the pair of glass that was on my face was also pretty simple. Just a simple tap on the side would turn them on and a swipe forward or backwards allowed me to navigate through the menus.  I was asked to set the tilt so that I could have the glass turn on with a head nod, I calibrated it so that it would take a picture with just a wink, and I was able to set it so that if I got a message, me glancing at the 'screen'  after I heard a light beep would make the message appear.  If I didn't want to be/couldn't be bothered by the message, I wouldn't look and the screen wouldn't even light up.  It was incredibly convenient. 
My first picture through glass
Set up
Thursday- July 24th

I'm going to be using Glass all weekend, I might as well learn how to use it. Yup, I'm doing my nails.  A 'getting ready for the con' pic that would have been a little harder to take with my phone. 
Heading out for day 2! 
 It's still mid-week so it doesn't seem too busy yet....
 Oh wait- massive line.  They must want to see some celebrity. I ask, "What is the line for guys?" everyone smiles, "Catching Fire!."  I think, how great, this line is at least 2 blocks how fun, they'll get to see Jennifer Lawrence or Liam Hemsworth.  As I continue walking I wonder- panel? signing? what? So I ask.  The answer? A pin and a sticker.  That's all.  The stars of the movie aren't going to be anywhere around, these fans just want a collectible item from a series they love.  How wonderful.

 As I show a friend how to use Google Glass.
My Victorians.  Vega and Sammi, came by to buy my newest prints, my limited edition trading card and get my new promo card.  
I was getting the hang of glass, walking around winking while walking to practice taking pictures.  The pictures that the glass takes are incredible in the fact that you get a very wide frame.  You can stand right up to something and you'll capture everything your eye could see.
On to Thursday night- I'll be posting that soon! Also- who went to SDCC??