Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy weekend!!

It's been too long since my last post and I apologize for that. I have been very busy with work lately that I just come home, read a little and crash. I haven't even had time to lay out :( Tonight though, I told myself that, if anything, I would at least blog. I will do a video blog on Monday as that will be the 1st chance I get. I was filming all day today (I just got home at 12:03am). I have to work tomorrow from 8:15am to 7:15pm...and then fim another scene. We are hoping to wrap around midnight tomorrow and then pick up at 5:30 am Sunday morning. Then, after filming I have to work at my other job (you know, the one that gives me health insurance).
Today was a good shoot though. I met a new group of people and hopefully have another person to help me with the Tucson Con promotions. I am really getting lucky with all the help people are offering. YAY awesome people!!
If things go well I will have a photoshoot with an amazing photographer (Scott Price) on Monday. After which I will be filming and posting my Video blog. The organizer of the Con is in San Diego right now at the San Diego Comic Con trying to get new additions to bring down. Cross your fingers--we all want more amazing writers/artists etc..
I should be doing another shoot with the adorable Dominique in the next few weeks. We are going to use these pictures for more flyers/banners/etcetera. We read comics and we aren't afraid to show the world..I mean we all know-- Real Chicks Read Comics.
I'll leave you with that--and a picture that a friend clicked of me from set today..between filming.