Sunday, August 3, 2014

My week through glass at SDCC 2014 part 2

Part two of my SDCC 2014/Google Glass adventure starts
(Still) Thursday, July 24th
Using Glass: WWhat I haven't yet gone over is what it looks like to see through glass.  That, of course is very important.  Since I don't wear glasses, I was able to wear lightweight, comfortable frames.  The color I had was cotton, which is white.  It matched with everything, which is important since I dress up for a living. ;p
When I put the frames on, in my right eye, I could see the 'screen.'  The screen is a Heads up display, meaning you see the images displayed in a holographic form, a little above where you would normally be looking.  This display is basic, the light from it isn't bright so it doesn't hurt your eyes, and the text is displayed large enough to comfortably see and read.  **You can also get glass attached to your RX glasses.****
The only time the display lit up is if I did the head nod to wake it up, tapped it on the side, winked to take a pic, or if I got a text or phone call.  The beauty of the text is that if I hear the beep letting me know I have a message, if I don't glance at the screen, the message won't show up until I want it to.
What can I do with Google Glass?
Everything I can on my phone, basically.  I can text, responding through voice, make and receive phone calls- which use vibration for sound, so there is no way to hurt your eardrum and you can hear everything clearly.   I was able to download apps, like google sky map.  That app blew me away on Glass.  Not only do you see each constellation clearly, but it shows you the shapes of each, outlining it in a beautiful blue.  I instantly knew every star in the sky that I was looking at, it was incredible!!! I could check email, use a translator, use navigation, do google searches, take 10 second video clips and if I wanted,  I could have installed a ton of other applications.  I needed to stay as focused as possible though, and playing a game where I'm running from zombies  may not have been the best thing to let distract me.
So, along with Glass, I continued my day.
If you cosplay, getting anywhere without being stopped for pics is almost impossible.

Heading back to the hotel
I'm going out comfy. Yup.
 Day 2 over, night 2, just beginning.  I walked next door to a taco shop with some friends and had some delicious fish tacos after waiting in line for about 45 minutes for food.  If you expect things to be quick when there are 150,000 people in town, you are very mistaken.  I didn't mind though.  You don't really mind much during SDCC, the energy is too high, it's fantastic!
After food we couldn't decide what to do so we went towards the Random House party, which was on the roof of the library. 
 Walking looks empty
 Just walked through an empty, 9th floor
We get to the top...and there they are! It was like opening a door to another world, going from echoing hallways of an empty library to a very busy rooftop.  I'd been here before, 2 years ago, for another party.  I loved this rooftop, there were winding hallways that opened up into other sitting and standing rooms.  It was lovely.  
Inside, there was an open bar and a dessert table.  To the right. facing the bar, there was a small table set up against the ledge, overlooking the city with strawberry and mint water.  A lil something for everyone.
Not 5 minutes after I got to there someone came up to our group and asked if we went to say hi yet.  ????  
Of course, explaining glass.
To George.  Did we say hi to George yet. R. R. Martin.  Are you serious? No-, we hadn't. But yes, we did.  So, I got to meet the man himself.  He was very nice, asked about google glass and told me the ending to his series.  No biggie.  After that I went to the other side of the roof- with the alcohol, to get myself turnt (wasted) because, I'd just met R.R. Martin, my weekend was complete.  Open bar, here I come! (***lies***)
I met up with some other friends that were there and was introduced to the man with the largest private collection of Star Wars memorabelia (Ranch Obi-wan), Steve Sansweet . Wonderful person. 

Then, I ran into author Sam Sykes, who, I seem to be running into all of the time.  We went to go talk to his friends.  Of course... they're all friends.  It really is such a small world.

 I hadn't even tried anything... might as well take one for the elevator ride down.
 As we got downstairs we all  parted ways for other shananigans.  I stuck along side Sam for a little bit, he found friends and stopped to talk and then....
Hey guys..y'all from outta state?!
Oh shit, this is about to get awkward.  But wait, what? She wanted to tell us to have an amazing time, wish us the best of luck with everything, and just tell us everything positive that someone stopping you on the street could offer.  How heartwarming.  Awww. 
 The rest of the night ended pretty quietly.  I walked to another hotel, met up with a few friends there and then walked back to the Omni to get some rest before the real fun of the weekend was about to start. 
Throughout the entire day and night - about 10am until 4am, I only needed to charge glass once.  I had an external charger with me so I was able to easily charge it in my bag.  Another convenience.  
I'll be back with the next few days of the convention and more info on google glass.