Friday, June 28, 2013

Comic con 2013

I can't believe it's the end of June!!  So much for me getting my schedule up for you! Well-- I'll backtrack a bit and then I'll post prints that you can order too!
The past 2 months have been a blur.  The only way for me to let you know about it is to just throw you all in-
here we go.
In May, I brought you my new Dorothy Gale
I started playing with worbla and made some cool props-
Then, I was invited to be a part of a 16 month cosplay calendar, including 17 cosplayers that would be sold and signed at the upcoming Phoenix Comic Con.  Score!
I joined with the amazing ladies- and together with Toni Darling and Big Chris Art, we were able to bring you epicness for your wall. 
You can still order the calendar, which started this month-

At the end of May was the Phoenix Comicon.  I was running around everywhere like usual.  I got a hot new shirt from Mike DeBalfo
and got to see Jean Arrow!! (I lub this girl)

stopped by to see Peculiar Magpie and Amanda Tucker, owner of Modified Minds-to grab my outfit for the Geek Prom,
hung out at the cosplay calendar booth,

Always a great job, Justin..

got body painted by Mark Greenawalt for The Villikon Chronicles signing, and got to meet the creator of the book and film universe, Bryan J. Kinnard :) 
Me and Mark

and crowned the winners of the Kids Need To Read Geek Prom along with Peter Steigerwald! 
After the Phoenix Comicon I had a week to get ready for LA.  The feature I shot in last year, Salvation, premiered at the Dances with Films film festival and I got to go and join the rest of the cast at the viewing and Q and A.  
Yuuuup, that was my outfit....and yes- that's a bodysuit. BAM!
Q & A after 'Salvation'
One week after the premiere I went to Vegas for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!! Want to know what happened and what more I have upcoming? Stay tuned for post #2!!!