Monday, May 3, 2010

Interterviews and comic hotties!~

I'm working to keep you as updated as possible on all levels! Facebook, twitter, my blog and soon the Phoenix comicon blog.  Phew!!
Here is what's been going on with me:  As I told you all, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to have a new comic character modeled in my likeness.  The first sketch is done!!
This is a comic that is being written by Jeff Hughes and drawn by artist Dennis Willman.  It features some beautiful scream queens, actors and models.  I am so very fortunate to be a part of this project.  Keep track of the progress by visiting and adding them on facebook.

Speaking of Facebook...
I am now primarily using Facebook, twitter, this blog, and the Phoenix Comicon blog.  I appreciate all who add and find me on Myspace but I do not use that account and very rarely have time to use that to answer any messages or even see what's going on in your world.  Don't take it personally.
Other than this comic, I have been doing a lot of taped interfiews with guests that will be attending the Phoenix Comicon.  I have some pictures from some of the interviews... I will post them here, and more can be found- along with video-- at
Make sure you go to the blog. :)
That was at Free comic Book day.  The volunteers were helping man the table for the free comicon passes!! 

This is a set picture from the feature "Crushed Velvet" directed by Brian Skiba.  We got there on a night of a very intense scene.  You could tell the intensity just by walking in the room and seeing all of the actors.  The aor of such a scene is much like you would exoect to feel in a real situation if you have experienced and talented actors. 

And last but not least, here is me getting ready to head out to interview.  I don't have any costumes made yet so I decided it would be fun to dress up on my own. Yes, I have beautiful purple in my hair.  I got this shirt from Atomic Comics...yes, THE Atomic Comics featured in the movie Kick Ass. 
I love the store and have been going for years.  I met Mark Millar there weeks after Wanted came out

There I am with Mark Millar, Tony Harris, my ridiculous bangs and my mister-- and War Heroes #1 of course. 

Lots of other projects, shoots etc. are in the works.  I'll keep you posted like I always do! 
I'll be doing some photoshoots and hopping on to do live q and a's..... what social media do you use??  What would you like to see in future shoots that I do?

Much love and appreciation for all of you--