Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pictures and projects

This is one of the pictures from the shoot I did with Faustohernandez.com  (more pics here: http://www.faustohernandez.com/photos/hannys/ ) Let me tell you that this was one of the most interesting places that I have had the opportunity to shoot in.  It was very modern and so fun.  The restaurant is called Hannys Bar and it is in Phoenix.  I LOVED it and hope to shoot there again.  I at least plan on going for some champagne cocktails- hehe.
I also have some winter pictures that I will be posting soon from my shoot with Rapid Ice Photography.  I'm working on some video ideas for the Phoenix Comicon and just paired with  a production company and will be doing a very large amount of projects- ranging from photoshoots to webisodes, feature films, comics, etc.  I will be talking a LOT about it in the near future.  It's an amazing opportunity!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fw: Good news and more good news

So much good, awesome, amazing news- be careful! Your head might explode!!!
First, we walked outside to start the day to the smell of fresh rain! I had my new comfy sweater and high boots on so I was super warm, and it smelled sooo good outside. Then, while Christmas shopping I found the PERFECT dude gift- Bacon Chocolate. For real- smoked bacon paired with dark chocolate. *drool*
It then starting POURING rain and I got to run through it and jump in puddles! It was so much fun!

--on a side note---just got word that Ill be working on another awesome project w/a great and talented group of people. This is gonna knock your socks off.
Also- my shoot yesterday went great. Check out Fausto Hernandez photography. I can't wait to see and post pics from this one :). The pic is of me in one of the vanity spots in the buildings hall of mirrors--- it was an intense location to say the least!