Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hole in 1 !!

Meaning of course...that there are going to be photos from 3 events in this post.  It makes perfect sense.  I don't know why you would be confused.....moving on...
Saturday, November 14th, I worked on a music video with AZ Bay pictures.  It was for the band "Access Zero" and it was an absolute blast. Filming started at about 9 am and was set to continue until about 7pm.  I had to leave at 530 pm though so I am not sure what time they completely wrapped for the day.  It was shot in an abandoned wing in a hospital and you better believe I went off and did some exploring on my own.  It was definately creepy but really interesting.  Let me know if you want to see any hospital pics...
The 1st makeup I got was a bit too bloody...so as you can see we had to remove it...and then start over.  It was fun, yet, itchy and the smell was NASTY. bleah.
Next up was my trip to Burbank!  After the filming, I had 1 day of rest (haha--not completely) before I had to get to California to meet with a casting director and attend a workshop.  We drove from 8am to 330pm before I got an hour break for my meeting.  By the time I was finished, I had a 2 and a half hour break before the workshop. I decided to meet with a friend 15 miles away for dinner.  Californa traffic, howerver, had me stuck in the car.  By the time we met up, I had my friend hop in the car, and we drove right back to the studio.  I had 0 time out of the car and no time for dinner  :(  luckily, at 1 that afternoon, I stopped for some lunch with the dinosaurs. 


Raaaawr! Long month so far! There is so much I have gotten to do, so many projects in the works, and lots of sleepless nights. Yesterday at 8 am I left for Burbank. We stopped for some lunch (yum- Burger King). There were dinosaurs!! I've never seen Pee Wee's big adventure, but I hear that's what they are from. :). Then, I went to AIA studios, had an audition and then 2 hours later got to attend a workshop w/some wonderfully talented actors and casting director. By the time the class was out and I got to a friends to sleep, it was already 1230. I missed dinner completely, but it was worth it. I got to sleep until 4 and now I'm on my way back home. 900 miles in 24 hours, dinosaurs, 3.5 hours of sleep and 2 reads for LA casting directors. Not bad. :).
Also, I worked w/ AZ Bay pictures on Saturday, filming for a new music video. Ill have pictures and more information up 1ce I get to a computer!!!