Friday, October 30, 2009


I was up for 35 straight hours!!  I think that's a new record for me.  Ha- it was kind of fun.  I sat and made a Beginners French study guide. 
Today when I walked outside it was cold.  This is the first day that it has gone from chilly to cold- and I love it.  I will be walking around the house with one of my comfy robes on for the next few months, and visiting my family so I can hang out in from of a beautiful fire in their fireplace.  This is my favorite time of year!  Now-  I just need to get myself a good 3 or 4 pair of boots and some nice sweaters. 
I'm heading to bed for some well deserved sleep (I also did a lot of cleaning, including scrubbing and vacuuming the inside of my car). 
I will leave you with something from one of my favorite people in the business--- *giggle*  - oh yes- crush ;p

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comic con!

I'm kind of bummed. I was supposed to shoot the last of my scenes for the short film, "The Backup Plan" but it got cancelled and pushed to later in November. Luckily, I have 2 very exciting events coming up. November 7th, as you all should know and be planning for, is the Tucson Comic-con. If you haven't yet- make sure to join the TWITTER page-- There will be some amazing artists and local vendors this year.  Make sure to watch the video blog for detailed information and names. 
The other thing I am looking forward to is November 14th.  I am filming again with AZ Bay Pictures.  They are filming another kick ass music video so I will be busy working all day with that crew/cast/band.  In case you don't remember or haven't yet seen any of their work, here is the last video they did for "The Love Me Nots"

The Love Me Nots "You're Really Something"

CritterTeeth Films

MySpace Video

Like always, I will be posting pictures and keeping you as updated as possible during all of this. 
I finally got new innertubes for my tires so I am going to be doing a lot of riding around town- I am so excited I'm going to explode. 
Halloween is a few days away-- what are you going to be??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

oh I know....

I’m back just to post a very quick little blog tonight.

It's more of just me spouting out about things that I have been thinking to myself and I wish that I could share with all of you the feeling that I have. I am a strong believer in the fact that we are all here for one reason, and that is to do everything we can to be happy. Religion isn't really something that I fall back on, or use as a crutch, so I believe primarily in the here and now. I am not saying I don't believe in some higher being, spirit, or entity. I am just saying that I do not believe in the sugar coated promises of something much much better than what we have here. We have some time here while our energy fuels our vessel and we have to make the absolute most of it. Every breath is beauty, power, and energy. I like to use that keep the most positive feelings flowing throughout. I am going to live life as I want. What I have the most fun doing, what fills me with absolute joy and complete passion is what I will live my life doing. There is no reason in the world not to. Why else would we be here? We are not living our lives for someone else. That is what they have their own life for. Look around, soak it in. Close your eyes and just breathe. Everything is beautiful. The world is so amazingly vivid and awesome and intense. While at the same time- soft, beautiful and soothing. Everything is unexplainable wonderful. When things get rough we can always just sit and listen to everything and remember that good news is always around the corner.
I may have confused you but that is exactly how I feel. I love so many things and can't wait to continue living and breathing in life.
Well, my friends-here are some new pictures for you all. Good night!