Monday, September 28, 2009

blog time.

I had a few hectic days between posts!!
I went to Palm Springs for my Tia's funeral. On the way up we hit something and it caused the truck to keep stalling over the next 2 days, until my Dad fixed it. Thank God for intelligent and mechanically inclined parents. We stayed at a resort and spa while there, it was AMAZING. The pool immediately outside of our room had a bar but was full of people drinking and partying (weeee!!), but we had my sisters with us so we went down to the main pool which was empty. The main pool was INCREDIBLE though and I would have much rather been there anyways. One entire side was lined with those giant beds and pillows under ramadas (?). I'm not sure if I'm using the right word but they were covered individually and if you wanted you could pull the curtains down and have the beds to yourself for massages or whatever else. I want to book that place again with some friends and just go down and lay at the pool and sip champagne, or fruity mixed drinks. It would have been expensive to drink, considering a 3 egg omlete was 13.00 on the room service menu.
After we got home, I hung out with the family and then headed home to bed. The next day I was back at work. I however, had a massive headache so went home, took some advil and started season 1 of True Blood before turning in for the night.
I got invited to model for the Fetish Ball again this year!! October 10th at 8pm in Scottsdale. I go in for my fitting on October 5th. I'm excited this will be HOT! I am going in today or tomorrow to buy a black and green vinyl dress I fell in love with last week.
Have you seen this?

Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Tell me that isn't odd. His hand and body move, but his head and face stay almost exactly the same. Hmmm... practice that smile much Mr. President?