Saturday, August 1, 2009

oooh wow.....

I have have lots of new things to talk about. It's amazing sometimes how many things can happen in a week. First off, I want to thank everyone who has been watching and following my video blogs. Awesome. Second, I am still working on "The Backup Plan" by Sub-par productions. The last night we spend filming went waaaay over schedule and we didn't wrap until 4am. The last scene has yet to be scheduled. I guess we'll see if it gets completed.
I have still been working 40 hour work weeks as well so I have been absolutely exhausted. I more and then hopefully, HOPEFULLY, they will switch me to part time (20 hours). That will help tremendously. It has only been a few weeks but already I am feeling the effects. I feel like shit after sitting in a chair for 11 hours a day. I haven't been able to work out very much at all, and I am missing the sun like crazy!! I have also missed out on some auditions and photoshoots so everything has really got me thinking things over. Sometimes it's so hard to make a leap when you know that it is -100% the best decision.
On that note...I may have an opportunity to spend and work for 4 months in LA on a show. I will have a place to stay, a vehicle to drive, be getting pretty good money and will be busting my ass and staying in hardcore shape. I will also be working with and meeting really really important contacts. I will hear more about this within the next week (cross your fingers). If not, then I know it's because there is a better opportunity that has yet to present itself :)
I went to my friend Brent's birthday party last week and got to enjoy dinner and drinks with my beautiful friends so I have pictures here for you! :)