Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sushi sashimii

What a week!  After my last post I had written a few other paragraphs that somehow didn't make it on the page, so this will sound like a pretty busy week....again.
I got to work on Pen Addiction 2 this week.  Filming was relatively short, but well done.  I am so happy to be working on the second parif this mockumentary.  The first was kind of thrown together last minute, but came out really well done.  This one, with more prep time, will give us a little more to work with in character development.

I left Friday for Burbank.  I drove down with a friend and then spent all of Saturday in a Master comedy workshop taught by Jason Alexander.  This was an incredible opportunity and I HIGHLY recommend it for any actor.  He is a tremendous teacher, walking through with the students and breaking down the scene bit by bit to help you on technique.  He is a very talented, patient and hilarious individual.  I will take the class again in a heartbeat.  Well worth the time. 
After the workshop I met up woth some sushi in beautiful Santa Clarita. We ate at a little hole in the wall sushi place, and I continue to believe that those are the best.  The atmosphere was comfy but fun, and the chefs were great entertainment.
I tried a DELICIOUS new wine called Bohae, and hen tried a bite of sea cucumber.  The sea cucumber had the worst texture I've ever experienced.  It literally felt like it was a muscle that clenched up when I bit it.  It was not something that I will be making a regular addition to my sushi nights.  Hey, at least I tried it. 

I had a wonderful time.  I did  have enough time get to see all of my friends, but since I plan on being there every other week, I have plenty  opportunities.  
I got back in town this morning at around 9am, and now I am packing for my next adventure.  This time, I will be close to some very important people in my life,  and for more than a few short nights. I leave tomorrow morning at 8am.  Rush rush rush!   Anyone anything fun this week?  I know it was raining a lot.... plenty of opportunity to play in the puddles!!!