Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ok guys...

So a lot of you haven't seen enough of me- video wise, to know what I am really about.  Or, to really understand my sense of humor.  I'm sarcastic.  A lot of times, I'm cracking up, and don't understand why other people aren't laughing with me......oh yes, I just may be an odd one...
So, that being said, I decided to show you something that makes me crack up...totally. 
Again, you probably won't get, on the other hand, am sitting up at 1:30AM laughing out loud, to myself in my living room.
Oh and when you play this.....let it just continue and cycle through the videos. 
Unfortunatel I can't find the embed code... but just follow the damn link-- it's pretty easy

I'm sure that during my many interviews over the next few months, you will have more of an understanding.....I'm just prepping you all. 
Another favorite.... 

See this....oh you can say nerd ......yes, I am a goofball.   Get ready guys...This doesn't just make me reminds me of how I act sometimes when I am REALLY me. 

Love ya all dudes