Monday, September 21, 2009

tooo day

I got up and ate some golden grahms.....sooo yummy. Last night I was up really late crying and talking about life stuff that I can only really open up and tell my man. Hint: I miss my family in Ohio and missed the past 12 years of being with my family and my brothers have grown without me. Anyyyywayyyys--- I had my breaskfast, and then we left to pass out fliers. I hit up some Atomic Comic shops, Bookmans, Gregs comics, etc., THen I went to Scottsdale to meet with the set photographer from the last film I was in. Since I played the lead he had made a poster of me and framed it for me as a suprise. Scot hung it up in our bedroom. It's awesome.

After picking up my awesome photo we went to grab some dinner and then put dropped off some more fliers at zia records.
So- I decided that I will be Jo or Meg from Burst Angel.. I see that I am getting a lot of views per day. If you don't tell me what you want to see then I can't do a poll. Don't be shy--- what do you want to see me as on November 7th at this years Tucson comic-con? Let me know.

*****I can not neglect to add that my Tia Ruth passed away yesterday after a courageous battle with cancer- Rest In Peace Tia Ruth.. We love you and will remember you until the day we meet with you in Heaven...or wherever it is we go when our bodies cease to live on*******************
I am now going to watch some more Burst Angel.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yesterday when I got in my car my eyes started burning and my throat got really scratchy....bad- I thought, "Did the heat bring my horrific air 'freshener' back from the dead?" Then I realized that a few days before my old car battery had leaked in my back seat. I immediately rolled all the wondows down, got out of the car, and put the air on full blast (after opening the back of course).
I let it sit like that for a few minutes before I could even get back in the car. It was horrible and made me soo sick to my stomach. I ended up missing the 1st audition I had lined up in a month because I was sick in bed until 5. MAJOR bummer.
I have been slacking really badly with everything, working out, eating well, laying out, getting acting modeling shit done. It really has me down.
When I get up tomorrow I will be doing p90x, ab ripper x and then going to pass out all of the fliers that I got LAST WEEK.
It's time to get back on track because I have MAJORLY fallen off.