Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yesterday when I got in my car my eyes started burning and my throat got really scratchy....bad- I thought, "Did the heat bring my horrific air 'freshener' back from the dead?" Then I realized that a few days before my old car battery had leaked in my back seat. I immediately rolled all the wondows down, got out of the car, and put the air on full blast (after opening the back of course).
I let it sit like that for a few minutes before I could even get back in the car. It was horrible and made me soo sick to my stomach. I ended up missing the 1st audition I had lined up in a month because I was sick in bed until 5. MAJOR bummer.
I have been slacking really badly with everything, working out, eating well, laying out, getting acting modeling shit done. It really has me down.
When I get up tomorrow I will be doing p90x, ab ripper x and then going to pass out all of the fliers that I got LAST WEEK.
It's time to get back on track because I have MAJORLY fallen off.

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