Friday, September 18, 2009

Watch over Me

I just got done with a 3 hour rehearsal. I am really excited about starting this project over. We really have some good material, a camera man, a better space to shoot and a good fluid script. I get to really work my acting chops to as I have a couple emotional scenes. I love it!!!
I have an audition tomorrow for another project too so hopefully I will have a lot of work in the very near future.
I have a friend coming to visit tomorrow after work so I have been busy trying to straighten up a bit at home. We are all going to go out to dinner tomorrow night. I love going out with friends.
Oh by the way- The new Rammstein video is literally a porno. It's the oddest rock music video I have ever seen. It's the band members- fucking. Dicks and all. Interesting. *************This is NOT for young eyes***********

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