Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Challenge

As some of you may heave read on twitter or my facebook, I am  starting a 30 day challenge.  During the next 30 days I will not have any sugar, junk food or alcohol.  Well, I will do my best not to.  This is going to take a LOT of self control and sharing my progress with you will help me stick with it.  I will make sure to update much more often than I have been, as I want you to see the progress.  It will also help me keep track of measurements and such. 
I am going to start off telling you what prompted this.  Being the official spokesperson for the Phoenix Comicon this year, and knowing that at the end of May I was going to be hanging out, promoting and interviewing some of the biggest guests of the convention, I needed to be in great shape.  I was doing news interviews, being filmed and photographed daily and walking around the convention center in front of around 15,000 guests.  I started working out and cutting back on breads, snacking and alcohol and exercising a lot and was happy with my progress.  By the end of May, I was confident with myself.  However, after an INTENSE 4 day convention, I was exhaused and spent the next 3 days resting and laying around relaxing.  I wanted a little break.  I didn't have any upcoming projects so didn't need to push myself as hard.  Fast forward to the beginning of August......
I took a month and spent some time helping out my family.  During this time I still worked, but it was mostly web stuff and no actual filming.  The only working out I did was indoors on projects, such as cleaning, painting and various odds and ends.  I didn't have anything important so I would enjoy a few drinks.  Unfortunately, I found da beer that I like (St. Paulie's girl) and for the first time in 3 years started drinking beer instead of my normal champagne.  In just 8 weeks I went up 6 lbs.  That's the most I've gained in over 3 and a half years.  It's true.  Beer makes you fat.  SO-- knowing that at the beginning of November I will start stunt training for the Western X (http://www.westernxtheshow.com/) spin off, I know that I need to kick myself back into gear.  It's so EASY to be lazy and enjoy desserts, junk food and a few drinks.  No challenge in that at all. 
Today was day one and here are my starting measurements: (remember, I am short and naturally tiny, but that doe NOT mean that I am toned or even in good shape.  You have to work hard for that.  The challenge is what makes it that much more rewarding)

Chest (under bust, exhale)-- 27"
Waist- (smallest part of torso)-- 23.5"
Hips- (at hip bones)-- 31.5"
lower waist- (around largest part of butt)-- 35 1/4"

My goals? To be able to kick ass on the series, during training and to tighten up!! To get back to the weight that I was at for the Phoenix Comicon and to keep it down. 
I like to work on my muscles and use body weight for a lot of the circuits that I do rather than just focusing on cardio. 
If you have, are or are planning on starting any kind of program don't be afraid to share your stories.  I will offer support as well! I hope you enjoy following my on this challenge.  It's going to be difficult but fun!


  1. I would not worry so much about the lbs as the inches. I took to a more serious approach using training methods for Karate from www.rosstraining.com . I watch what I eat an do an 80/20 diet and have lost tons of inches. I still havent stepped on a scale in months but all of my clothes are way too big now.

    Just keep it up and remember that it needs to be both good exercise and and a good diet and a beer on the weekend isn't going to kill ya!

  2. I plan on posting only my measurements. I realize that I may gain weight first, as I will be building muscle. The thing that I am focusing on is body fat percentage. I want to tone and tighten my body. I don't like to "diet", I believe in eating healthy. However, I have let myself relax for a little to long so I am challenging myself. Once I start it becomes much easier. If I know that I am working towards something, it will help me to continue and push forward.
    Thank you for reading and posting.


  3. Well, Vee... For me, you're in great shape already, I mean look at that butt! You already "kick ass! :P But of course, if you wanna challenge yourself, do it, I support you with all my heart.

    Good luck! You can do it :)

  4. Thank you Nino ! Always so supportive :-)
    I want to see how toned I can get. I want hot ABS! Haha. Also, I need to make sure I'm in good shape that way ill be ready for anything! ^_^


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