Monday, March 23, 2009

Yoga X!

I just did an hour and a half of yoga X!! Holy Shit is that hard! It's almost 7:30 and I still don't have a call time for tomorrow's shooting. *sigh*-----Nevermind! As I was typing I got the confirmation email. Call time is 11 am tomorrow. YAY!! That means that I get to sleep in at least a little. I am going to bring my camera and I'll try to sneak some pictures (shhh!). If I snag any good shots I'll post them right away.
I bought a henna set a few days ago. I've been practicing some of the designs at work. Hopefully with time I'll get really good. Even if I don't I'll probably be walking around with henna stains all over my hands and feet. Haha. I can see that happening. It'll look more like I smeared bad self tanner all over myself then tried to make a crazy design. Oh geez.
Ok, I have to get my hurr died and pick out my outfit for tomorrow :)

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