Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I do in my free time

It seems like whenever people ask what I like to do in my free time, I have to 'come up' with a few answers.  Meaning, I don't feel like I do anything in the free time I have because I work so much.  But come on, I don't work ALL of the time.
One of my best friends is the insanely talented Tara Hutchison, who does makeup, amongst many other things.  So, last weekend while hanging out before a shoot, we decided to play.  This time I did all the makeup and she got to sit back and be subjected to my multicolored wrath!! Mwahahahaha!!!

For Tara I decided to make her up as Angel from Borderlands 2.

 What do you think?
I chose Arcade Miss Fortune from League of Legends for myself.... Since my hair is lighter now I can do brighter characters a little easier now.  

So that's one thing that I do in my free time.  I play with makeup.  
What do you do in YOUR free time?

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  1. Very adorable. Of course, I have never even heard of these games and I generally suck at videogames. Is there an emoticon of a happy face using a walker? Insert that here as I'm feeling really old.


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