Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just a quickie

Well hello again my Victorians.  I've been working hard this morning, sending emails to casting directors and looking over the script for my newest (Western) film.  There is a big movie filming in a few days in LA and if I get cast, I'll be jumping in my car to drive to and stay the rest of the month in California.
I've been traveling a bunch the past few months and have also been working on a new series so I haven't had time to do much else.  I'm not complaining!! There isn't much else I'd rather be doing.  :D
So what did I submit to today? I don't know if I can say-- but I can tell you it's to be in a comic con scene.  All of the costumes that I submitted were made by Amanda , accessories by Torture Couture and some things were made by me (about 90% Amanda) so if I get cast- I'll be sharing the costume and the film.
But  for those of you curious-- here are some of the cosplay and original characters that I submitted that were provided by ModifiedMinds.
 Fem Predator by ModifiedMinds
 Dorothy Gale from Legend of Oz
 Original creation by ModifiedMinds
Wednesday Addams by me :) 

The next 2 weeks are still unknown but next month  I will start filming in the new series.  I can't wait to tell you all more about that! Much news- coming up soon! 
What are you filling your month with?

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