Friday, October 17, 2014

Another something new!

Oh Aspen Comics.  How I love them.  Do you read anything that they publish? Have you read their new series, Damsels in Excess?  You should probably get on that if you haven't yet.  Next year I'm going to be in a new trading card series as Princess Bethany for Aspen,  so last week I met up with Larry Alan, makeup artist Tara Hutchison and seamstress, body artist and regular bad ass, Amanda from ModifiedMinds to do a few shoots.  Amanda made me this fantastic dress and Tara worked on my hair and makeup. 
 Obviously we didn't use body paint
Closer look at my makeup
  Tara did an amazing job on my hair and makeup, but this version isn't even close to done.  I still need a lip ring, gloves, a different choker, a flower for my hair....  Here is Princess Bethany. 
We reshot last week with everything-- those pics will be out, edited and on a trading card within the next few months! I'll post links once everything has been announced.

Stay classy, my little pickles and remember, you can find me every day on my instagram as @pocketsized21.


  1. Too cute, Vee. You look stunning, as always. I don't read the book. Let me know when they wise up and put you on a cover.

  2. I like Aspen comics for the most part. I really wanted to get into Lola XOXO - and the series started off great on issue 1, albiet very cliche (everyone else died years ago during nuclear armageddon but I KNOW my parents are still alive!) - but the series started to slip bad. Compound it that my meeting with the creator went awful. She was at Wondercon and I was getting my comics signed by her, and she made some remark about selling them on ebay. Uh, no? That's why I have you write a dedication to me on them - they are my comics. So I was really irked, so I like to pride myself as a big supporter of comics and buying things and getting them signed.

    However, Damsels in Excess is way better so far. Princess Bethany is my favourite character - and I really like your outfit of her. I do hope you consider wearing it to the next con over in the LA Area!

    Surprisingly in in Damsels in excess, I got a soft spot for Princess Barra - she's kinda pudgy but cute, and I think its cool to make her that way, since most of Aspen's characters are a bit on the ... uh... more attractive side.

    So while I'll probably will not be renewing lola xoxos, and I really digging DiE.

    Also a note, Beth Sotello of Aspen is friggen awesome. At the last LBCC she did a pinup girl in my sketchbook and it was so adorable: a 1950s/1960s girl laying on her back, legs in the air, talking on a phone while listening to her record player. So cool!

    I know when Michele and I first met you at LBCC a year ago were were excited that you'd like to work with Aspen someday. And now you're on a Trading Card - congrats!


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