Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New projects!

Happy New year!
I know I'm a little late on that one but hey, it's still the first week.  This year I am going to bust my ass work wise.  Already, on this 2nd day of the year, I have 2 photo shoots scheduled for Thursday, a NEW cosplay costume debuting on the 6th, 3 radio interviews scheduled..... and more. 
I am also back on Cazador Radio with Michael Flores (director of Western X), Dan Narciso, Dustin Hale and Kevin Tye.  Every Saturday from 8pm-10 you can listen in, chat while we are live and watch our shenanigans on livestream.  This is an adult show, so you should keep that in mind if you're streaming from your phone at work....dumbass. 
I did a pin up shoot with Pierre Price right before Christmas. I have posted some on my Facebook but  I am going to have a new print from this shoot available at conventions that I am not going to post online.  YAY! **these photos are untouched.  Any negative comments are therefore invalid.****
I am writing for and will be doing some more work this year with Comic Book Divas.  I'll be posting links everywhere.  
This week I will be at the Amazing Arizona Comic con at the Mesa convention center.  The convention runs from the 6th-8th.  Guests include Robert Kirkman, Aspen Comics (with Tony Parker!), Zenescope, Big Dog Inc, Shelby Robertson (American Discord), Jesse James Comics and many many more.  I will be debuting a NEW cosplay outfit for one of the above companies.  Teaser pics will be following this week.  ^_^
Also, there will be many exclusives, like this print the talented Shelby Robertson drew up.  This print is limited to 50 and features myself, Cosplay sensation Jessica Nigri, and Chandler Riggs from the AMC hit , The Walking Dead.  
See the big zombie on the top left...the one drooling on everything? That's me.  Hahaha,  Rawrrrrrrgggggggg!!! 
I also really want to get stuff up on my Deviant Art.  I've had my account for 2 years and just now have started using it.  Artists... add me and give me your pages! You can see my stuff here
I've got a LOT of work to get done so I'll leave you with that.  Have a wonderful New Year! I'll be around.  <3


So what do you think? What do you want read/see more of next time?