Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amazing Arizona Con 2012

ANOTHER convention has come and gone.  This time, I was at the Amazing Arizona Con in Mesa, Arizona and I got to go dressed as Big Dog Ink's character: Dorothy Gale.
I was thrilled to be able to portray Dorothy from Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (Thank you so much to Grant Brummett for the incredible photos!)
I spent the weekend bouncing from table to table, visiting with old and making new friends and even have some new interviews to show you all!!! FINALLY!!!  
The interviews have been transferred so now it's just up to editing.  I also have a written interview, along with a review coming up from one of the artists/creators that was at the con.  I won't spoil the surprise yet.  I'll let you know who it is when I have it posted.  
I have some big news about an Aspen character that I have been DYING to cosplay.  A few more weeks may be all you need to wait for that costume.  I won't even be waiting for a con to show her off.     
Who is your favorite female Aspen character?????? 
At the con I got to speak with Raven Gregory about a new series that he is going to be releasing.  That will be covered in the intervew that I post too.  I had a really good time at the convention and it was great to see how well received Legend of Oz was! We sold EVERY SINGLE issue!  Tom Hutchison, the creator of the story, was at the table all weekend, along with the very talented colorist, Kate Finnegan.  We held raffles giving away banners, comics, prints and more every day at 4 and had a fantastic location.  I got to hang out by Mike DeBalfo -- he draws like this: 

his wife (who also happens to be the drawing I chose ^_^),

Tony Parker, who draws like THIS :

who just released Dead Mans Run with Greg Pak and Aspen Comics.  Aspen, with Joe Benitez, J.T. Krul, Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald...... 

Nei, who is sexy AND tremendously talented-- this is hers:

and more people, like Pop Culture Paradise who brought along Chandler Riggs (Carl, from The Walking Dead)
I was very lucky to be a part of this years convention.  Again ^_^  Jimmy put on a great show!  
I seem to be getting very busy again (fucks yess) so maybe I will be making some more convention appearances before Phoenix.  I know I'll have a lot more comic/pop culture type news in the mean time.  I came back for the first show of the year with Men with No Lives last Saturday and will be reporting every Saturday live, in studio.  You can watch, tweet with us and call in to bullshit.  
I know how becoming those headphones are.  Bom-chicka-woww wow. 

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