Thursday, May 3, 2012

My May

Ok, let's start with April.  It was the 1st time in a LONG time that I was booked, working, shooting or filming every single day of the month.  EVERY day.  It was the best!
I may have the chance to audition for what would be the biggest production of my career.  So, I have really been focusing.  I got together with a good friend and talented photographer, Fausto Hernandez ( and I got new head shots,

some full body shots done and have been practicing all new monologues.  If I get the audition I'll let you all know when I head to L.A.  If I don't, at least I have fresh pictures and material! 
I also did a shoot for the cover of Big Dog Ink's 'The Legend Of Oz 4' 
which will be debuting at the Phoenix Comicon May 24-27th.  My cover is limited to 100 so make sure to stop by and grab a copy! 
I also got to interview Mike DeBalfo about his Soulfire announcement! He gave the FIRST interview about him working with Aspen on the 4th volume.  I have a short version here but a much longer, more in depth interview will be posted on later next week.

I know that I am forgetting a lot of stuff--- and I still haven't even gotten into MAY!
I have to run for the day but when I come back, I'll have news about a few upcoming premieres, a new radio show, conventions and more!!
What did you busy yourselves with in April?

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