Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mug shots

YAY! I finally have new headshots! Thanks to the incredibly talented Fausto Hernandez, I now have a bunch of brand new shots to work with and to give to casting directors world wide.  Haha.. yeah, I know.
I am going to go through the pictures before I post them....but here is a screen shot of some of the images I have to choose from... this will be fun! ^_^

I have 2 more shoots this week-- 1 will be for my Dorothy Gale Cosplay and the other is for a few different things.....1 being--- more PINUP!!!
(maybe an outfit like that)

I've been working out too.  I got up this morning and did Ab Ripper x immediately.  Gotta work on those abs.
<-----------oh God do I want....

I also have some really great news regarding! As you know, I am the lead for the cosplay division and I have some interviews lined up this week as well that will have your jaw laying on the floor.  I will also be bringing you steady pictures and will be picking up some new writers to join my team as well.  **If costuming or cosplay is your thing, send me a message and we can discuss what you may bring to the team.**

That's all for now-- but don't fret-- this week is a BUSY one.  I'll have loads more to update you all on.

Now, go do something random and take pictures of it.  Why not?

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