Sunday, July 8, 2012

July and San Diego Comic Con!

It's only a few days until the San Diego Comic Con and I have so much that I'm almost ready! I have my pass waiting, places to crash and-- thanks to the incredible Amanda Tucker, costumes ready.  Speaking of cosplay---
I have a new one -- and guess what!  I am going to announce my outfit this Wednesday on a brand new No Elfin Way.
Wanna know what else? I am now co-hosting the show with Deneen Melody!!!  We will cover pop culture, movies, fantasy, gaming, anime, cosplay and more!!!!!
I will be there Thursday afternoon through Sunday.  FOR SURE!!
This week--- I recorded a new 'No Elfin Way',
 filmed a promo for the Saboten Con:

recorded a new 'Men With No Lives' and finished my costumes for the San Diego Comic Con!!
On Tuesday I am going to do a photo shoot in the costume that I'll be announcing and Thursday I am leaving for SDCC~~~
I will be taking pictures, video, getting sketches and doing all that I can to bring you content.  I will be posting both here and on so make sure to watch for the links on my FB:
Believe me-- I will be posting a ton more pics during the con.  I have been lacking on my pics so I will be stepping it up ^_^

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