Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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I last posted after the Phoenix Comicon.  Since then, I have added to my filming in a new movie called 'Salvation.'  I auditioned for the role, got the part and was in Kansas filming before I knew it.  I got to work with some amazingly talented people while I was there and am SO excited to bring to you a new character.
I can't say anything about the movie other than what is on the IMDB, but it is a drama and I play Ruthie, a troubled young girl.  My role is small, yet important and I am proud to have been able to work opposite great actors such as Angel McCord, Brett Donowho, Ryan Donowho, Renee Albert and under the direction of Bernie Van De Yacht.

The crew was also a blast to work with.  I have to throw in that Angel is the sweetest chick I've worked with in a long time.  I can't wait to work with her again.  I was only there for 6 days so I didn't have nearly enough time to get sick of it.  My mom, step-dad and brothers happened to be on a road trip-- driving across country, and they stopped by set to say hi.  My Momma got to visit me on set for the first time ^_^  I was so proud to have her show up.
On my days off I went to Wichita and hung out with a family that MY family has been friends with for years.  I swam, ate, drank, hung out with my brothers--  it was fantastic.
Snacks and beer-ritas with the family--

There was very little service there so I wasn't able to text, post on Facebook or even tweet what was going on during the week.  It's ok though because Kansas can be summed up in one word.

I had so much fun though ^_^   Also- the hotel I stayed in had astronauts hanging from the ceiling.

Up next---  

The Kickstarter for the Break The Walls Book, comic stories inspired by the Pixies, is up to almost 6k now.  ^_^  This means, a shirt with my likeness right on the front and alternate covers!! The alternates are pretty bad ass   You can only get this book for the next 2 weeks.  Once the San Diego Comic con hits--- the deal is OVER.
I have some auditions coming up that I will let you all know about as SOON as I find out more.  I WILL be going to the San Diego Comic con July 12-16th!!!  I will be signing the Break the Walls cover and on Saturday, I'll be running around getting interviews, filmed by's own Crimson Blur.  I have a brand new cosplay outfit to unveil at this years SDCC too!! I love her and can't WAIT to strut around in the outfit.
I'm also going to be filming in a teaser for the Saboten con next week! I'll be dressed up for this too! ^_^
The Next month is going to be a blast! Again!!
Stick around for more pics and updates.  I'll be posting a TON in July!
Don't forget-- if you want a print- the post goes over how to order!!!!
Talk to you soon whack-a-doos!

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