Saturday, February 23, 2013

The first 8 weeks

Alright 2013!!!!
So, since the beginning of the year I have been working my ass off.  I have been presented with so many opportunities that my head is still spinning.  It seems to me that a few of my friends have also been having an astronomical start to the year--- which makes me wonder how far it's reaching.  How is YOUR year? What good news has come your way? Or is this not your year? Believe me, I had 2 very bad, sad, thisIsLifeYouCan'tEscapeIt years, so I believe this is a little upswing.  (YAY!!) It's all cyclical, ya know?
Alright!! Starting off my 2013 was the news that I left Cazador Radio.  I spent a year co-hosting but my time was up.  I decided to focus on my career in acting and it's been paying off.  The first weekend of January, I went to Albuquerque with the owner of the Saboten Con (the largest Anime convention in AZ), to promote a new anime convention that he will be bringing to New Mexico called the Sabaku Con.   I got to meet and share a table with the talented Armand Villavert-- Armands FB -- got to do a little cosplay and was filmed for a documentary :)

Artist Shelby Robertson

 I loves me some Nei Ruffino
'The Crow' creator James O'Barr

Also, Java magazine released their January issue and the pictorial that I shot in snow bowl to raise awareness for rescued Greyhounds, was published.  

After the convention, I auditioned and was cast as the lead in a short film called 'Draw' alongside actor Richard Anderson.  My hair for the role is a little different so I got my hair stripped and dyed red/brown.  

NEW! How do you like?

Alright, alright....
you get the idea.

In between prep and filming I haven't slowed down. I did a shoot for blunt wraps (haha...I know)-- but here are some behind the scenes-

 I went to Venice for an audition on Valentines day so I got to spend the day at the beach.  That was my mini vacation, haha ^_^
Thursday, the 21st was an event called Geeks Night Out where I was a guest along with these amazing and talented people:

I had 3 new prints with me --
Prints are $10 each plus shipping.  Send me an email to order (
I am also reworking 2 older cosplay outfits, making them a bit more complete. I will have prints available for those soon....but will be posting pics as well.
If all goes well, I will be doing a trading card set with another company, starting as the lead in a new feature (can't tell you much about that one yet, unfortunately) and will be doing some voice over work.  
I know I'm probably missing some things-- but I won't stay away so long this time so I'll have more to post.  Don't you worry, there shouldn't be a shortage of 'NEW' anytime soon.  
Email me if you want prints and let me know what you'd like to see more of from me in the future- who knows, maybe I can make it happen.

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