Saturday, February 23, 2013


New year, new projects, new hair.
Happy new year!! How has the beginning of the year for all of you?? I have been a stranger to blogging lately but so Much has been going on lately that I had to get back in the blogging game :-)
First off, 2012 ended up going pretty well. In June I filmed in a feature called "Salvation.". Its a dark drama and I play the troubled 'Ruthie.' I got to work with incredibly talented people on this film and absolutely can not wait to see it. You can check out the imdb here:
The rest of the year was lots of comic conventions. I did interviews for the Saboten Con - ( 

Only one of those interviews is edited and online.  I will be releasing all of them throughout the year, up until the next Saboten Con, September of 2013.

After the Saboten Con, I went to a music festival/convention hosted by Cappadonna from the Wu Tang Clan.  He put on of his songs in the movie in which I play a Mayan Queen, 'A Man Called Nereus' and played the movie the entire weekend of the convention.  Next up was Comikaze!! This was all in September so I was getting a bit exhausted by this point.  I helped to promote the western web series, Western X and met some amazing new people.  
Stephanie Nault and I being interviewed by Gonzo.
After Comikaze I got SICK!!! We're talking a 4 day fever and hacking up lungs.  It was gross.  Because of this...I didn't hit up any more cons until January.  I had a little break, continued co-hosting on Saturday afternoons on Men With No Lives and then started the New Year. 
This year-- although it's been less than 8 weeks in, has been so full and incredible that I am going to continue that in a completely new post.  Lots of new pics and stories are to come--- as well as a NEW workout posts.  It's that time again...and I'm ready to kick some serious ass.  ^_^  Until next time--  


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