Saturday, May 4, 2013

So much! Yay May!!

So even though I have so much going on I can't' see straight, I think it only fair to do my best to share with you. <br>
This month I'm booked with one thing or another every day.... Which means lots of pictures!! <br>
Lets just start with this week.  On April 30th I went to visit some friends (Larry and Tara from Larry Alan Photography) and it turned into a night of photo shooting. First, we set up to do a piece that Larry is featuring on his blog, called 10 Frames. We choose 3 outfits, Tara did my makeup and we shot. It was fun, I danced, I screwed around and it felt wonderful! After that shoot, an idea hit Larry and Curtis Lee, a friend that happened to also be visiting, myself and Tara got down and dirty for what turned out to be one of my favorite shoots to date.
We veered away from funky, fresh, pretty, bright and went right to the depths of a madmans soul. Mad (man?)
The set can be viewed at his website, with links to his twitter and Facebook.
This guy is seriously amazeballs.
After that shoot, I got my Dorothy Gale cosplay on and did an all new photoshoot!! I'm going to be selling 2 prints from this set at conventions and online so choose your favorite and It may be a winner :)
Now, I'm working on my first Worbla piece. I've never molded our worked with plastics before.... but I figure, the more practice, the better I'll get. Plus, I want to bring you all new costumes!! I'm missing Free Comic Book Day because of this piece so it better turn out good!!
I'm going to post pics of my progress throughout the day. I'm doing a Disney villain shoot tomorrow morning at 4am so this piece will have to be finished. I'm going to load pictures soon here and on my instagram. You can follow me at @pocketsized21
If you have worked with worbla or plastics before and have any typos for me, please let me know!
Also, I'm posting from my tablet so please excuse whatever weird formatting the paragraphs and pictures may be in. Deal with it!

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