Friday, July 30, 2010

Slowly but.....

It HAS been a while, so this post will makeup for about 6 weeks of lost time. Since I last postedI have had a lot of random things come up.  Of course, and fortunately, they are positve and happy things, but they have still been MANY.
I told you about the spin off that I have been cast in, the Western/action series.  This series will help to introduce a few characters from Western X.  Western X
They also launched a new twitter so that you can follow the characters outside of the @westernxtheshow account.  That account, for those of you with a twitter is: @Known_as_x .
I am working on the finishing details of the panels that I will be hosting at the 3 day Saboten-con as well and will be doing promo stuff so that I can bring to you brand new lithos at the convention.  Also, I will be writing and posting stuff at so make sure to add that site to your favorites or bookmark it so that you can even more comic and nerd related updates. 
Now-- Dun dun DUN!!! The very not safe for work Piranha 3d trailer is online!
Go see it here:
Other than that, Comic Book Divas has launched A Life Behind The Mask, which is the comic that I will be featured it. 
I have many new and exciting projects that I will be able to update you on soon, but until then, here are some awesome pics from my road trip across country!

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  1. Yay! I love the geese, so cute :) Looking fwd to future projects :)


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