Wednesday, August 4, 2010

and another...

Hey guys! Looks like I am back, much sooner than it took me between posts last time.  I have more updates this time around too!
I have just been informed that the web series I have a part in, Western X will be debuting at the SAC Horror and Sci Fi festival in September!! Visit to get guest updates and ticket information.  I will be joining another cast member, beauty Deneen Melody at the convention.  To see what Miss Melody has been up to, you can visit her IMDB page at .
On to COMICS!! I have teamed up with Comic Book Divas (http://www.comicbookdivas/alifebehindthemask )for the comic A Life Behind the Mask, which I will have promo stuff for at all of the conventions I will be attending, but now it looks like I may make a special, surprise appearance in ANOTHER series.  No official announcement yet.... but I'll keep you posted!
If you haven't yet, you can visit my IMDB page and "like" it through Facebook if you have an account:
Also-- Ladies and men alike... I have an online store open now with tons of random items, collectibles and clothes.. visit my store
Other than that- I have been traveling, working on house stuff and enjoying the summer.... here are some pics--
What are you all doing this summer and what conventions would you like to visit me at?!

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  1. Wow, the picture of you painting is vaguely reminiscent of that crappy house we were all going to share. No bueno! I can still smell the plethora of smells that inhabited that dwelling.


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