Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phoenix comicon 2010!

WHEW!!  It's come and it's gone and I survived! Can you believe it?
I ran around like crazy with a wonderful team that consisted of a great group of people! They were so great, in fact, that I will start by thanking them.  First of all, all filming was done by the talented group from Minus Mitchell films.  They do not specialize in events or documentaries, by shorts, commercials and other productions. Make sure to take a look at their award winning films (seriously, they've won more awards than I can keep track of- including Best Comedy at the Phoenix Comicon) .
Also with me was my assistant/handler Kayla who was a God send, to say the least.  I don't know what I would have done without her. Best EVER. I had photographer Aaron from Skewed iris photography .
Vanessa of Visualize Creativity who did my body art,!/visualizecreativity?ref=ts , Stephanie who was my makeup artist and seamstress Anya Taylor.  I also had clothing provided for me each day by Evermore Nevermore.
It was a bit hectic with a large crew but everyone was such a big help. 
The weekend started off with me in x-23.  I did a news interview for Fox and then got a few interviews in.

On Friday, I was up and back to the Phoenix convention center for a news interview and then stopped in to 106.7 to do some promoting with the radio station.  I wore a dress provided by Evermore Nevermore which was created by local artists throughout the beginning of the day.
That link is to the dress :)
I spoke with Brian and Kristy from Hi Fi Designs about their work, panels and all of the work they do for all of the major companies like Image, Dc, Disney, Pixar, etc.
I also got to speak and interview artist Shannon Denton.  I changed into the Blind Mag outfit that was made by Anya and Stephanie did my makeup.  I got to then interview John Schneider, Daniel Logan and the wonderfully talented and adorable Felicia Day.  I also will have the Raven Gregory, John Layman and Ebas
interviews for you as well. The outfit was amazing and I was very excited play The bling mag.  I sat with Slice of Sci Fi for an hour during their panel. 
By the time the panel was over, the corset was digging into my sides so badly that I was about to go crazy.  Why does the boning in corsets always dig 'in"?? Unfortunately, because of this, I missed the events at the Hyatt and didn't get to show off the awesome outfit from Evermore Nevermore:

Saturday was a lot less productive on the interview end as we went through some issues.  It's a little impossible to go without any problems.  I think that 2 interviews got completed that day.  Mike DeBalfo was one of those, fortunately and we got to speak about his new cover art.  He had some wonderful Phoenix exclusives.  I have to tell you that the work he has been doing is so amazing and I am so grateful to know him and get to work with him on occasion.
All the pictures were taken by a photographer provided by Minus Mitchell and by Skewed Iris Photography.  They will be posted in on June 8th and then I will post them here on my blog and facebook.  Until then, here are some pics from the shenanigans that went on after everything was over with me, my man and Ebas.

Needless to say, we played in the water. 
Who went to the comicon and what was your favoite part??  Did you get to meet Stan Lee? Todd McFarlane? Another favorite?

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  1. Hey, Vee.. you look awesome on the 1st photo. Looks like a CD cover, hehe. Thanks for the updates.


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