Thursday, June 17, 2010

Down time

With the Phoenix Comicon have been over for a few weeks, I have had plenty of time to rest and *****BREATHE*****

I slept the majority of the 3 days following con. I was exhausted. I have since been working on some art...if you can call it that.

I made a low fat chocolate cheeesecake, have cooked some delicious meals, had a few days to spend and catch up with friends and even had time to clean and dust the house. Oh the little things.
As promised, there are many more photos from the comicon that I have posted here for you, along with the interview with No Big Deal. No Big Deal is 1 of the bands that played during the Kids Need To Read Geek Prom. Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi and Felicia Day were all there to host, so these kids definately had a great opportunity to play for a sold out event.
I am going to be finishing the 2nd part of Pen Addiction this week. I have the script and we start fillming this Sunday. I also have some good news about convention apprances! October 1-3rd I will have a table at the Saboten-con in Arizona. It is a 3 day Anime convention and I will be selling posters, t-shirts and lithos from Comic Book Divas "A Life Behind the Mask" web comic. I will also have screen shot lithos and other items from Western X, the Sci-Fi series that I have been cast in. One way or another, I will be participating in the Tucson Comic-con as well on November 6th so now you have 2 other opportunities to come and say hi!

This is Bill and Ben from with their art.  You can go to for more information and awesome art.

This is Anya (left) seamstress, myself as Queen Redd and Vaness Allen body artist. Two wonderful members that were part of my amazing team!

This is me with the band No Big deal after their interview. That's right, puff out those chests!

I'll post more later! What costume was your favorite??


  1. Damn, Victoria. How do you find the time for all this? Glad you got some R&R time before starting up all over again :)

  2. I wanna try your cheese cake one day :) Must be delicious. Take a rest as long as you can, you deserve taking a breather.


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