Thursday, May 20, 2010

busy bee... bzzzzzz

Good morning! or, afternoon, or night.....
How have you all been? Had an exciting week so far?
On Monday I worked with AZ Bay Pictures on a new film they shot called "The Cut Up." This is a short film and I didn't do any acting in it, instead, I was the assistant Makeup artist.  Unfortunately I couldn't stay the entire shooting day because of Phoenix Comicon obligations. but I got to work with some of my favorite people in the industry. And I also got to scare the hell out of one of the directors by showing him how- although Im teeny-- I could knock his head off with my high kick.  You don't see it coming-- and then


It was pretty funny.  On Tuesday I did a makeup test with Vanessa Allen of Visualize Creativity and wardrobe with seamstress/designer Anya Taylor. I missed my workout AND ab ripper yesterday which was a bummer and today with me running around and getting in full wardrobe for my interview I missed my workout and ab ripper x completely!!
Today, all the running around was for an interview that I did on behalf of the Phoenix Comicon. Raising Arizona Kids and news channel 12 did a segment on the comicon.  Since I am the spokesperson, I decided it would be fun to show up as one of the characters I will be at the actual convention.  I went over events that will be going on at the convention.  Go to and order your tickets in advance to save $5.00 and make sure to check out the programming--and my interviews that are posted on the blog.
Skewed Iris Photography and my makeup artist Stephanie Nault spent the morning with me and helped complete the look that you will see in the posted pics.
The interview will air Monday, may 24th at 5pm and then will be on on Tuesday.  Make sure to watch for me and tell me what you think!!
Here are some pictures, these are before and after.  You'll see how this went from a super simple starter outfit to an amazing masterpiece.  My team is the best :)


  1. Very very busy indeed. I will keep my eyes open for the interview on TV.

  2. How hot can you get, Vee? Wow, these photos are amazing. Especially photo no 2. I was like "wow". I tell you, one day this year I will blog about you, I know you'll become big and I want to promote you. Hope you'll borrow me some pics of yours :)


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