Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stir Fry and Cosplay

Here we go! It's 11 days until the Phoenix Comicon. It's Crunch time baby!
I've been doing Ab ripper X (from p90x) and the workouts from  If anyone has ever served as inspiration to working hard for a hot body it's that chick.  She looks amazing. 
I have 2 interviews up and ready to view now, you can watch them here:
Phoenix Comicon 2010 Interview - Brian Skiba - Funny blooper videos are here

I'm having issues with the media sites at this time so to see the Brian Pulido interview go to and then on the LEFT you will see the link to click into.

As for costumes!!!!-  Here is what I will be dressing up as so far--

Ok, I am doing Poison Ivy for sure. That is number 1-- if it is completed by the 19th then you will see me on Channel 12 news representing!!  What what!
Now it's up to you!! We have time for a total of THREE more costumes that I will be wearing during the convention from May 27-30th.  I will have a different costume on every day of the convention, which will be filmed and photographed.  I will also be sitting with A Slice of Sci-Fi on Friday during their LIVE taping- so YOU tell ME what you want to see me in. 
One last option that seems to be a favorite so far----

Now it's  up to me to continue eating my healthy diet of veggies, fruits, and home made unprocessed foods so that I can look great in whatever you choose.  The awesome workouts Im doing will help a bit too ;-p

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